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Gender-based violence, two champions on the bench in Strambino

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Gender-based violence, two champions on the bench in Strambino

From left: Lucchetta, Perticone, Cambursano, Graziani, Specola

The seat of symbolic value inaugurated with the volleyball player Lucchetta and the grenade bomber Graziani Present the Alpine group leader

STRAMBINO. The mayor of Strambino inaugurated the symbolic red bench against violence against women, in the presence of the group leader Claudio Specola degli alpini di Strambino, who set up the bench along the avenue that runs along the sports field of the capital, by Maria Luisa Perticone, representative of the House of the women of Ivrea chaired by Letizia Carluccio, and of the two welcome guests from Strambino: the two world champions, soccer in 1982 Ciccio Graziani and volleyball Andrea Lucchetta in 1990.

The mayor underlined the symbolic value of the red bench, on which she sat together with her welcome guests, and thanked the local Alpini group for the preparation and for their constant active presence in the area.

The representative of the Women’s House then invited the women who were harassed and raped to go to their center, and the other women to join the twenty or so current volunteers.

The leader of the Strambinesi black pens Claudio Specola recalled that the newly inaugurated red one is only the first of the three symbolic benches planned for Strambino.

For the second, the yellow one against bullying, the garden in front of the local Panetti middle school has already been chosen.

For the third bench, the purple one of the reception, already authorized like the others by the municipality, it remains to be defined in which part of the capital of Strambino it will be set up. Three colors: Red, Yellow, Purple, symbols of the social and civil commitment of the entire community of Strambino. –

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