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Gender violence, deterrent effect with MobilAngel smartwatch – News

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Gender violence, deterrent effect with MobilAngel smartwatch – News

None of the women who reported their violent partners suffered attacks or attempted attacks when they had the “Mobil Angel” smartwatch on their wrist. The data, which concerns the city of Naples, emerged during a press conference which took place in the headquarters of the provincial command of the Carabinieri of Naples.

The meeting was called to illustrate the results obtained in the fight against gender violence thanks to the introduction of this prevention system, currently in operation in Naples, where it was tested, as well as in Milan and Turin. “Mobil Angel” was born in 2018 thanks to the synergy involving the Carabinieri, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Vodafone Italia Foundation and Soroptimist International.

Currently, between Naples and the province alone, there are 15 “anti-violence” watches available to those who, according to an assessment by the magistrates under the Fasce Weak section of the Naples Prosecutor’s Office (coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Raffaello Falcone) find themselves exposed to the risk of an attack.

The Mobil Angel watch – it was explained during the meeting – is connected to a smartphone which, in turn, is in constant contact with a police listening center: in Naples it was put into operation in the Pastrengo barracks , headquarters of the provincial command. If the woman wearing it feels in danger she can raise an alert by pressing the red button on the watch. The signal is received by the police who immediately geolocate the victim. The control unit immediately contacts the user to ask for confirmation.

Not only. The watch is also able to detect anomalous changes in heart rate and posture (such as, for example, when you receive a slap) and launch the alert autonomously. However, every alarm raised corresponds to immediate contact with the likely offended party.

Even the smartphone to which the watch is connected can, through an app, send an SOS to the control panel. “The Carabinieri – said the provincial commander of Naples, General Enrico Scandone – wanted to seize this opportunity, which strengthens prevention in the hope that repression will be less and less necessary”.

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