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General (r) Rodolfo Palomino had an accident on his bicycle

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General (r) Rodolfo Palomino had an accident on his bicycle

The general (r) of the Police, Rodolfo Palomino, had a serious traffic accident on Saturday, March 25, when he was riding a bicycle on a road in Cundinamarca and a car hit him, colliding with another vehicle later against a pole, although for the moment without any deceased.

The former director of the institution suffered a blow to the hip, for which he is hospitalized awaiting the results of some tests to determine his condition, which for the moment would be stable, but there is still no official confirmation from the health center.

According to the general (r), it was all due to the imprudence of two vehicles that ended up hitting him, in addition, he invited all drivers in the country to be careful with people who ride bicycles on the roads because they are the most vulnerable in these accidents.

That was the accident

Rodolfo Palomino published on his Twitter account about the accident he suffered on a road in the municipality of Sesquilé, Cundinamarca, where he usually rides his bicycle and a car hit him hard, causing a hip injury, which for now would not affect his health.

“My God is very great, I hope the reckless drivers who use the roads to compete understand that daring is not measured in kilometers per hour,” wrote the general (r) about the fact, in which he showed how the two vehicles turned out, one of them ended up against a pole and the other lost a tire.

The former director of the National Police added that he received timely care after the accident, when he was transferred to a nearby care center: “I thank the nurses and doctors at the Sesquilé hospital for their timely help. Riding a bike cannot be a death sentence”.

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According to Noticias Caracol, there were three cars involved in the traffic accident, one lost control and ended up colliding with the others and one of the hypotheses that the authorities handled most strongly was that the respective distance between the vehicles was not kept.
stable health

After the spectacular traffic accident of which former director Rodolfo Palomino was a victim, he was first treated at the Sesquilé Hospital and then transferred to the Central Hospital of the National Police, as reported by the Blu Radio station.

The outlet pointed out that the general (r) underwent some tests “to rule out a hip fracture”, since the collision with the vehicle was very strong despite the fact that he was still conscious, in addition to the fact that in the Caracol Television news program they assured that he had a “lumbar bruise” and some injuries to his left leg.

A pronouncement from Rodolfo Palomino is expected in the next few hours regarding his state of health, whose first information is stable, and the results of the tests to determine the severity of his injuries and the steps to follow.

Palomino Reviews

Rodolfo Palomino has been characterized in recent years by his passion for cycling, he has participated in various recreational events and was highly critical of reckless drivers who put cyclists at risk, as happened on Saturday March 25 in Sesquilé.

One of those comments was made on December 7, 2022, when it also touched on the fact that bike users must face bad conditions due to rain and ruined roads: “How sad that our cyclists, in addition to having to overcome the difficult topography and inclement weather , now they have to face the brutality of some road actors”.

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Another publication was for the death of five cyclists run over on September 3, 2022: “I send my solidarity greetings to those who suffered on the road between Turbaco and Arjona, we reject the aggressive and unsupportive behavior of those who refuse to preserve life in route; cyclists also have the right to life on the road”. with Infobae

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