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Genoa bridge collapse, Mattarella: “A wound that cannot be healed” Draghi: “It must not happen again”

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Genoa bridge collapse, Mattarella: “A wound that cannot be healed” Draghi: “It must not happen again”

Four years after the collapse of Morandi bridge, the day of remembrance in Genoa began with the celebration in the church of San Bartolomeo della Certosa of the mass to remember the 43 dead in the disaster, from the smallest victim Samuele Robbiano, just 8 years old, to the oldest, Juan Carlos Pastenes, who he was 64 years old. To celebrate the function, the archbishop of Genoa Marco Tasca. “It is a difficult day, with still many questions,” he said opening the celebration. In the church, on a bench in the front row, the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, the councilor for Culture Ilaria Cavo, representing the Region, the commissioner Orazio D’Anna and the president of the Municipality, Federico Romeo. In the benches alongside the family of Luigi Matti Altadonna, who died in the disaster at the age of 35. In addition to other relatives and friends of those who lost their lives in the tragedy, Matteo Salvini also participated in the celebration, sitting a few benches further back, next to Edoardo Rixi, number one of the League in Liguria. After the mass, the official ceremony, with the participation of the minister Enrico Giovannini who deposited the wreath of the presidency of the Council of Ministers, representing the state. “The process for the collapse of the Morandi bridge must be concluded quickly _ he said _ in order to shed full light on what happened and clearly identify the responsibilities of everyone at every level. I hope that the process will proceed without interruptions and delays. For this I thank the magistrates, police forces and court offices for their efforts so far and for what will be done to make this wish a reality, while respecting the rights of all parties “. “The choice of the government and the ministry to appear as a civil party against private and public administrators including those who then worked in the ministry – concludes Giovannini – makes clear the will of the institutions to shed full light on the facts and prosecute those responsible, without exception, confirming at the same time the closeness of the State to the victims “.

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The Prime Minister Mario Draghi sent a message to Mayor Bucci. “The pain for this terrible anniversary _ he says _ is associated with a conviction: the state must do everything possible to ensure that similar tragedies never happen again. We must guarantee the safety of our infrastructures, protect the lives of citizens. ‘Italy and the institutions “.” On the fourth anniversary of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. I want to renew the closest government and my personal closeness to the relatives of the victims, to the wounded, to all Genoese “, writes Draghi in his message. “During my visit to Genoa I saw a strong and united city, which does not forget the past and looks to the future with courage. The rapid construction of the new San Giorgio bridge is an extraordinary example of collaboration and concreteness, a model for the whole Italy. I want to thank once again the mayor Marco Bucci and the whole commissioner structure, the local authorities, in particular the president of the Region Giovanni Toti, Senator Renzo Piano and all those who have been involved in this project “.

The ceremony began with the video projection of the names of the 43 victims of the tragedy of 14 August 2018. “Genoa does not want to forget _ said Mayor Bucci _ we want this tragedy to be a warning to everyone so that these things never happen again, so that there can be a society that protects its citizens. On August 14, the city of Genoa will have this date set in stone “. At 11.36, the time of the collapse, a minute of silence and, at the same time, the sound of the sirens of the ships in port and the bells of the whole diocese.

Genoa, collapse of the bridge, four years after the unknown process and construction sites

by Marco Lignana

Mattarella’s message

“On the fourth anniversary of the collapse of the Morandi bridge, the pain of the tragedy that struck forty-three victims is renewed. A wound that cannot be healed, a suffering that knows no oblivion, a solidarity that never fails. A drama that marks life. of the republic and for which the judiciary is dutifully ascertaining responsibility. I renew first of all to family members, forced to suffer the greatest pain, the most intense solidarity of our national community “. The President of the Republic declares it, Sergio Mattarella.

“There is a need for adequate interventions to support the families of the victims of tragedies such as these: it is necessary that the legislation knows how to respond to these needs – continues Mattarella – the action carried out by the committee of the victims’ families has proved to be precious, true and own living memorial of the tragedy, pending the realization of the memorial proposed as a permanent reminder “.

The concession

For the families of the victims, the issue of the concession remains a thorn in the side. Egle Possetti, president of the victims’ reorganization committee, before the start of the function reiterated that “The wound is always open but four years later what hurts us most is the sale of the concession”. “It is unacceptable what happened, unacceptable that this concession, already written as none of us would have written it even to buy a bicycle, has not been torn up but even paid to shareholders, something that humanly we will never be able to accept, everyone should to know what happened and to tell it they are amazed “. And he also announced that the committee will try again to become a civil party as a committee, “in any case _ he explained _ my family is a civil party and therefore somehow we are there, also representing the other families”.


Gianluca Ardini and Ponte Morandi: “Me, devoured by guilt because I survived and my colleague died”

by Marco Lignana

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