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Spring Sowing in Full Swing Across China

As ice and snow continue to blanket most parts of the country, the arrival of spring is undeniable as farmers across China gear up for a busy season of spring sowing. Despite the challenging weather, farmers are diligently preparing for the upcoming planting season in order to ensure a fruitful harvest in the summer and autumn.

In Hui County, Gansu Province, farmers have already begun their spring plowing preparations, utilizing various agricultural machinery such as rotary tillers, seeders, and fertilizer spreaders. Similarly, in Ningxia and Shaanxi Provinces, spring sowing and planting work has commenced with local agricultural departments providing support and guidance to farmers.

The importance of spring sowing extends beyond grains as farmers in Heze City, Shandong Province, and Xiaochang County, Hubei Province, are busy raising and planting vegetable and fruit tree seedlings. It is crucial to cultivate healthy seedlings to ensure a bountiful harvest in the coming seasons.

In addition to plants, the livestock industry is also taking advantage of the spring season. Inner Mongolia, a significant production base for agricultural and livestock products, is actively working to improve the survival rate of newborn lambs during this critical period for lambing.

As the saying goes, “the plan for a year lies in spring,” emphasizing the crucial role of this season in agricultural production. Farmers are encouraged to seize the opportunity of spring sowing, work diligently, and sow scientifically to lay the groundwork for a successful harvest in the months to come.

The completion of successful spring sowing is seen as the first step in a chain of events that will lead to a fruitful harvest, and farmers are urged not to miss this critical window of opportunity. By embracing the challenges of the season and laying the foundation for a successful harvest, farmers can look forward to a bountiful summer and autumn.

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As the nation prepares for the upcoming spring season, the efforts of farmers across China are a testament to their commitment to ensuring a prosperous and fruitful harvest.

Yin Jianguang

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