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German-language media: Germany’s national security strategy is vague on its relationship with China

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German-language media: Germany’s national security strategy is vague on its relationship with China


The long-awaited “German National Security Strategy” has finally been released. Against the background of the Russo-Ukrainian War, it is of course expected that Russia will play an important role in this document. But how the national security strategy defines China also attracts attention, because after all, this will be an important basis for Germany’s future policy towards China.

(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) “Editorial Network” commented that the discussion of external threats in the national security strategy is largely vague and disappointing, especially when it comes to China issues. The review, titled “The National Security Strategy Just Introduced Was Not a Success,” reads:

“The U.S. government headed by Biden has clearly defined China as the number one challenge in geopolitics. However, there is no clear definition of China in the German national security strategy,Instead, it describes China in inconsistent terms as a ‘partner, competitor and institutional rival’.The current red-yellow-green coalition government has a similar orientation towards China in its coalition agreement. Germany’s support for democratic Taiwan threatened by China is also mentioned in the governing agreement, but there is no mention of it in the just-released national security strategy. Those in power in China who will come to Berlin next week to participate in the German-Chinese government consultations must be delighted by this.

On June 14, the German Red-Yellow-Green Coalition Government officially launched the “National Security Strategy”.

The German government explained that at an appropriate time in the future, Berlin will launch a more detailed China strategy, but Scholz refused to disclose the specific time for the release of the China strategy on Wednesday, but only said: “It will be announced when it is formulated.” . Since, according to Foreign Minister Bell Burke, this national security strategy has great international significance, isn’t it a matter of course that the document mentions China’s growing threat? “

The commentary pointed out that the national security strategy promised that Germany will increase defense spending to meet the requirements of NATO member states to invest 2% of their gross national product in national defense, which is commendable:

“On the one hand, this is a congratulatory step forward, but on the other hand, Germany is long overdue for taking such a step. After all, Germany has been far behind the goals set by NATO for a long time. In mid-July NATO will meet in Vilnius Sri Lanka held a summit, and now there are suggestions that defense spending should be raised to 3% of GNP in order to deal with the growing threats from Russia and China.”

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote,It is a good thing that the national security strategy has finally been introduced, because before Russia launched the war of aggression against Ukraine last February, a whole generation of Germans had almost forgotten what “national security” was.

“The other points listed in the national security strategy are also very meaningful, covering everything from cyber security to the supply of raw materials. After all, the harsh reality is that Germany can no longer simply trust that other countries will always maintain goodwill towards Germany. The document has done to Russia Clear positioning, the wording related to China is also full of doubts, contrary to the attitude of Germany, a major exporter, who did not dare to offend China in the past. However, the document does not provide an answer to a key question: If Germany still does not establish a National Security Council, then who should to coordinate the implementation and coordination of national security objectives?”

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