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Gerolin promotes Udinese: the mix is ​​the right one

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Gerolin promotes Udinese: the mix is ​​the right one

UDINE. «Udinese just needs to develop the many good players it has already bet on, and if some quality new players arrive in January like the Brazilian Matheus Martins, they will certainly have no difficulty in inserting him».

Even if the current World Cup “distracts” him, forcing him to undergo professional updating, Manuel Gerolin always keeps his attention on Udinese alive, where the former Juventus manager finds no flaws in company policy.

In fact, in his eyes, the team is well built, it doesn’t need to be touched up and even the alleged thorny cases of the renewals of Rodrigo Becao and Roberto Pereyra don’t represent a problem when there is still a month left before the resumption of the championship which will also coincide with the opening of the winter market session.

Gerolin, renewals are flocking to Udinese, a sign that Gino Pozzo is always thinking about the future.

«He already demonstrated this on the first matchday against Milan, when he already understood the strength of a team full of interesting young players and quality expert players such as Deulofeu, Pereyra and Becao. The company continues with its philosophy and has created an excellent basis on which to place talent, aware that it cannot spend money like other realities».

You mentioned Becao and Pereyra who seem to be the most complex renewals…

“They are two different cases. Becao has grown up, he also has requests from the Premier League and I think he wants to compete with other audiences, but he also has to satisfy Udinese because the deal has to be done in twos. Both sides must be satisfied and I believe there will be no problem. As for Pereyra, we are talking about a boy grateful to the Pozzos, with whom he has a deep bond, and I think that only he can decide whether to stay in Udine to act as brooder, or go elsewhere. But then we also need to see if the club has already offered him a renewal, or if he is looking around ».

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Fluminense striker Matheus Martins is announced as arriving in Friuli…

«I follow the Brazilian market and Fluminense plays very interesting football, Spanish-style and without a real first striker. Martins is very strong technically, he acts wide as a winger and I think that in Udine he can grow very well next to Deulofeu ».

Since we’re on the subject, what does Udinese need in January?

«It certainly doesn’t have the needs of the last of the class that will return to the market. The position is good, it will be difficult to stay at the top, but place immediately after the seven-eight “sisters”. In my opinion, Udinese just needs to develop the many good players it has already bet on».

Samardzic, for example, is one of those and it is no coincidence that Napoli have put him in their sights…

«The German has technique, physique and the future is his. It’s really a lot of stuff, but I also include Lovric who I knew from having seen him in Lugano, and Makengo who is close in comparison to Muntari. All young prospects who are growing alongside Pereyra and Deulofeu who are the driving forces and who are always fundamental».


«It has to go its own way and it takes time. Mancini has called him up because Italy is not at the World Cup».

Did Sottil surprise you?

«He knows the environment and how the Pozzos work, so he knew the route. Let’s say he’s at the university and he’s come to the right place at the right time.’

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