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Get ready! Neighborhoods of Valledupar will spend this Sunday, April 21, without energy

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Get ready!  Neighborhoods of Valledupar will spend this Sunday, April 21, without energy

Afinia, a subsidiary of EPM, reported in a press release that This Sunday, April 21, several sectors of Valledupar will be without power between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm due to work that technicians and engineers will carry out at the Guatapurí substation.

The service will be suspended in the following circuits:

Guatapurí Circuit 2: Cañaguate, Centro, Loperena, Novalito and Zapato en Mano neighborhoods.

Customers: Mayor’s Office of Valledupar, Banco de La República, Hotel Tativan, Hotel Vajamar, Hotel Sicarare, Banking Zone (Center), Loperena National School (main headquarters)El Pilón Newspaper, Valledupar SA Club, Colombian Red Cross, Santander University UDES, 1st Notary, 2nd Notary, 3rd Notary, Varadero Restaurant, La Catedral Church, Orbe Plaza, Registrar’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office.

-Guatapurí Circuit 4: Villalba neighborhoods, Las Orquídeas Gated Complex, Casablanca Urbanization, María Camila Norte Urbanization, Rosario Norte Urbanization, Villa Ligia Gated Community 1, 2, 3 and 4Closed Complex Barcelona, ​​Club House, La Castellana, Acuarela, Marsella Real, Santillana, Altos de Comfacesar, Quintas del Country Urbanization, Don Miguel Urbanization.

Likewise, the Mirador de La Sierra I, II and III Closed Complex, Atlantis Building, Terranova Closed Complex, Balcones de Santa HelenaBambú Gated Complex, Diomedes Daza Condominium, Club Palmetto Condominium, Upar Reserve, Francisco El Hombre, Las Margaritas Urbanization, Los Rosales Building and Casas de Campo Avenida al Rincón.

Customers: Guatapurí Plaza Comercial, La Pedregosa Recreational Center, EMDUPAR Water Treatment Plant (via al Rincón), Colegio Hispanoamericano, North Gym CorporationComfacesar School, Home Center, Campestre Villa Ocha Hotel, Environmental School, El Rincón Spa, SION Psychiatric Clinic and Makro Supermarket.

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-Line 595: engineers and technicians will carry out work at the Tamalameque substation, activity that requires the interruption of electrical flow from 7:00 am to 5:00 pmon the line that feeds the urban and rural areas of the municipalities: Tamalameque, Pailitas (Cesar), Regidor, Río Viejo, Arenal del Sur and Morales (Bolívar).

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