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Geyer’s market comment: DAX – seasonally difficult for a few more weeks

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Geyer’s market comment: DAX – seasonally difficult for a few more weeks

DAX – seasonally difficult for a few more weeks

The DAX is treading water and that is not surprising given the current statistics. The index has a rather difficult phase ahead of it until the end of June and this is also reflected in the current treading water. The new record high that was recently reached should therefore initially not be a sign of an upward breakout. However, the current situation should not be overestimated either, since a certain reluctance could be observed this week with the public holiday on which trading took place. The indicators are currently not helping, as they are in neutral territory. It is therefore important to pay attention to what the leading German index does when it hits the recent low. A breakout to the upside is also an option, but is likely to be less likely.

Dow Jones – resistance threatens after a trend break

The Dow Jones has built a resistance zone around 34,500 points. This could still be achieved in the coming days. However, a breakout to the upside is hardly to be expected at the first attempt. The indicators are in the overbought territory and should therefore put the brakes on a further rise. Regardless, the resistance zone should at least be tested. If there is not too much downward pressure in the following corrective movement, the breakout could be managed with the next upward movement.

Gold – This new support could hold

Gold has meanwhile found support just below USD 1,950. This was now held for the third time in a short period of time. So far, however, the support has not been sufficient to offer a stepping stone to the top. The area around USD 2,000 represents both psychological and technical resistance. The indicators listed in the neutral area do not provide any help for assessing further developments. Stable trading in the coming days should therefore be the scenario to be expected.

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Euro – UnteSupport holds and suggests fresh rise


In the meantime, support has been established in the area of ​​USD 1.07, which is becoming more and more viable. Recently, this area could be held several times. However, the indicators are giving conflicting signals. An increase can therefore be expected, but this is unlikely to be sustainable.

oil – still under pressure!

Oil North Sea Brent Futures (linked)

Even if the oil companies and oil-producing countries don’t want to admit it: Oil is still on a downward trend and is still under pressure. Recently, a small resistance was built up, which caused the listing to fail again. The fact that the indicators turned down in the neutral area has no impact on further developments. It will now be interesting to watch what happens when the price tests the recent lows. If these cannot be maintained, this should finally be felt at the gas station.

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