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Giada Diano and Elisa Polimeni tell a scene from Lawrence (Video)

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“In this scene the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti reads to the public of a small room some verses he has just written”, say in the video Giada Diano and Elisa Polimeni, directors of Lawrence. “There is nothing prepared, so it describes well who was the protagonist of our documentary”.

The documentary is a portrait of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, historical poet, publisher and painter of the beat generation American who passed away on February 22. In the film, the artist tells about himself to the authors, who have followed him for twenty years among the places where he grew up, personal events and socio-cultural reflections.

Giada Diano is Ferlinghetti’s translator for Italy and her official biographer. Elisa Polimeni, on the other hand, has curated various exhibitions and retrospectives on him. Lawrence is their first documentary. It will be premiered at the Peoples Festival in Florence (20-28 November) and will be distributed in cinemas from 9 December.


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