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Giallo di Trieste, CT scan performed on the woman’s corpse found in a sack: signs of injury or trauma are sought

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Investigations continue to trace the causes of the death of the woman, whose body was found Wednesday in the park of the former psychiatric hospital of San Giovanni. The identity has not yet been officially confirmed, but most likely it would be Liliana Resinovich, the 63-year-old who disappeared from her home on December 14th.

This morning, we learn from investigative sources, a complete CT scan was performed on the body at the Cattinara hospital. The body was then returned to the morgue in via Costalunga. Yesterday the Prosecutor had ordered both the radiological examination and the autopsy and had entrusted the tasks to the expert in forensic radiology Fabio Cavalli and to the coroner Fulvio Costantinides.

The outcome of the CT scan could provide further details on the causes of death. Elements that the investigators will then compare with the results of the autopsy scheduled in the coming days. There is therefore expectation for a possible turning point in the case of Liliana.

It was December 14 when the former regional employee was last spotted. A fruit and vegetable trader confirms that she saw her pass in front of her shop, in the San Giovanni district, between 8 and 9. According to what has been reconstructed, that morning Liliana should have reached the house of a friend, Claudio Sterpin, 82. A relationship that her husband, Sebastiano Visintin, as she reported, was not aware of. Liliana had called Sterpin at 8:22 am to tell him she would be late.

Then no news of her. The two cell phones and the bag were found in his home in via del Verrocchio. In the evening, her husband reported her missing. Investigations, searches and appeals followed. Wednesday then, in the middle of the afternoon, the discovery of the body of a woman in the park of the former Opp, therefore not far from Liliana’s home. The body was located about 50 meters from the road, in a wooded area. An area that Liliana and her husband knew well and which they traveled on their walks or bike rides.

The corpse, in the fetal position, was placed in two garbage bags, making up one. On her head the woman had two transparent plastic bags. An element that could suggest a death caused by suffocation; a first survey would not have revealed evident signs of violence. Visintin hopes so. Hope that body isn’t Lilly’s. And he excludes, in the case, that his wife may have committed suicide. Investigations are continuing wide-ranging. At the moment there are no persons registered in the register of suspects. Visintin says he is afraid of not knowing how to defend himself, due to the pressure he feels on him, should it be necessary. And he defines Sterpin as “a dark character”. The latter at this time would not be in the city. In recent days he had confirmed the existence of an affectionate friendship between him and Liliana. Moreover, he added, the weekend following the disappearance he and the woman were supposed to leave together. Reached today on the phone, he explains that he does not want to make any statements until the investigation is concluded.

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