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Giant Panda “Yaya” Safely Returns to Beijing Zoo

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Giant Panda “Yaya” Safely Returns to Beijing Zoo

Original Title: Giant Panda “Yaya” Safely Returns to Beijing Zoo

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 29 (Reporter Yan Fujing Yang Shujun) The reporter learned from the State Forestry and Grassland Administration that with the great attention and joint efforts of relevant departments and all parties in Beijing and Shanghai, the giant panda “Yaya” passed the quarantine smoothly. Quarantine, arrived in Beijing safely by chartered flight, and returned to the Giant Panda House of Beijing Zoo at 0:43 on May 29. Currently, “Yaya” is in stable health.

During the isolation and quarantine period, Beijing Zoo selected experienced breeders and veterinarians to accompany “Yaya” 24 hours a day in response to her advanced age and changes in her living environment. The support and guarantee of the direction can effectively maintain the safety and health of “Yaya”.

Beijing Zoo has prepared a special breeding venue for “Yaya”, formulated targeted breeding care, medical security, nutrition and health programs, and arranged a pre-technical team to continue to take care of her life.

Because “Yaya” has entered old age and needs to recuperate and adapt to the new environment after returning to Beijing, it is not on display. Beijing Zoo will regularly publish information about “Yaya” through its official Weibo.

(Editors in charge: Chi Mengrui, Gao Xing)

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