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Giarrusso leaves the M5S: “I found another movement”

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Giarrusso leaves the M5S: “I found another movement”

The 5 Star Movement keeps losing pieces. Now it is the turn of the former Hyena and today MEP Dino Giarrusso who announced his desire to leave the party of Giuseppe Conte and want to found a new movement. The announcement of Giarrusso took place during the intervention on the broadcast Coffee Break on La 7. «I announce that I will leave the 5 Star Movement. I already know the disappointment of many people who write to me and ask me not to give up and I know that I will make the joy of many who have always fought me in the Movement ». And then, clearly, the hypothesis of the birth of a new party, alternative and with other dissatisfied ones: «I am founding a new political movement. Di Battista? No, I have not heard it, I have spoken about it instead with people who have escaped and are unhappy with the M5s movement. I would like to found a political movement that makes sure that the South and the North are on an equal footing ».

Shortly after, on the sidelines of the “Next generation Eu and Pnrr” conference at the Sapienza in Rome, Giuseppe Conte’s reply arrived: «Giarrusso has the opportunity to be consistent. He has always said that whoever leaves the Movement must also leave the position he holds. So he leaves that of MEP, a strategic position for the important battles we are waging in Europe ». The complaint from Giarrusso seems to hit the heart of M5S communication, perhaps addressed to the communication team and Rocco Casalino: «There are people paid by M5S who call the TVs and say they don’t invite Giarrusso. People paid by me, who give more than three thousand euros to communication ».

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When Giarrusso said: “If I say goodbye to the Movement, I also leave my chair”

The thriller of the meeting with Conte
«I renew my great esteem for Giuseppe Conte, and gratitude for what he did as Prime Minister, the best in the last 20 years. My respect is highest for him, but we are in support of a government and I really struggle to understand why we have to stay there. It is not because the members voted for it that we must remain there until death ». And, finally, the jab against the president of the Movement: «Conte made a structure, but none of these bodies were voted on: they were all appointed by him. Today many tell us that we have disappointed them and this is because they want to be professional politicians ».

The version of the former Prime Minister is different: «I met Giarrusso several times, I also received him on Sunday, and he always asked me for seats, positions and territorial delegates. I only learn today of political dissent, of opposition to support for the Draghi government ».

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