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Gifts – Martina Recchiuti – International

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This article was published on page 3 of number 27 of Internazionale Kids, Internazionale’s monthly magazine for girls and boys aged 7 to 13. You can find it on newsstands, or you can subscribe.

This year, a series of unforeseen events – a huge boat stuck in the Suez Canal, bad weather and restrictions due to covid-19 in some ports in China – have sent the freight transport system into havoc. As a result, getting them to travel by sea has now become more complicated and expensive, almost ten times more than before. Many are wondering if even Christmas gifts will be late!

The cover article of this issue tells what is happening in the largest ports in the world and why the issue is important, even if it happens in countries far away from us. It also contains a map to instantly understand what the “freight transport system” is: it comes from the shipmap.org site, which won an important award with this project.

Now you may be wondering what is the best way to give gifts in the midst of a shipping crisis. Perhaps, as the US newspaper Quartz suggests, we could go back to rummaging through flea markets, small antique shops, home shelves or learn how to make that cookie recipe we’ve always been putting off. After all, “homemade cookies never go out of style”.

Internazionale Kids is a monthly for girls and boys. Publish the best of newspapers from around the world for readers aged 7 to 13. In this issue: bring haywire at Christmas, a girl-friendly city, tips to save the planet, travel to the coldest place on the planet and much more.

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With the comic by Susanna Mattiangeli and Rita Petruccioli, the photos of the Natural History Museum in London, the chilled reindeer by Anna Keen. The cover by Marc Majewski.


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