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Giorgetti on Citizenship Income: “Possible revision for Flat tax resources”

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Giorgetti on Citizenship Income: “Possible revision for Flat tax resources”

To finance the flat tax “it may be that some economy” comes from the Citizenship Income or that “something can be financed”. Thus the Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti in the answers during the hearing on Nadef before the joint budget commissions of the Chamber and Senate, adding that the economic and financial planning document will be presented within a maximum of three weeks starting from now ». From that context he adds the number one of the Economy, “the gross maneuver will be very clear”. Then the expected steps on pensions. “The option to retire with 41 years of contributions – says Giancarlo Giorgetti – is not excluded but there must be some compensation under the item, it may be that some economy derives from citizenship income and some other from some other item “. Finally, the proposal. “We are evaluating the introduction of a sort of bonus or indemnity of up to three thousand euros by companies that want to help employees against high inflation in total exemption from contributions and taxes. The State will clearly recognize the effort made by companies. They presented it in Germany ”, and“ we will re-propose it as it is on our territory ”. Thus the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti answering the questions of the parliamentarians during his hearing before the committees gathered on the Nadef.

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