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Giorgia Meloni and her daughter threatened on social media: “Be careful to remove the basic income”

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Giorgia Meloni and her daughter threatened on social media: “Be careful to remove the basic income”

Macabre tweets, with death threats towards Giorgia Meloni and her daughter were collected and placed together on the Fratelli d’Italia Twitter account which denounces “unworthy threats that appeared on social media” against the premier. The party unites around its leader and points the finger at an alleged climate of hatred aroused by the representation of the government line and the majority against the basic income. Representation that the FdI exponents put in no uncertain terms on the M5s and Giuseppe Conte. FdI deputy Marco Cerreto speaks of “infinite shame, we are at the limit” and directly asks that “Giuseppe Conte condemn what happened”.

«A hug to Giorgia Meloni and her daughter for the serious threats they have suffered. Words imbued with hate very troubling. If anyone thinks of influencing the action of this government with violence, they are very wrong. I hope a transversal condemnation of what happened» writes the deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Antonio Tajani on Twitter.

Giovanni Donzelli, the emerging face of FdI, accuses: «Fomenting social anger to collect a few votes is dangerous. I hope Conte thinks about it for a minute and condemns these violent people without hesitation”. The delusional phrases that the Twitter user – his account is reported in full in the FdI collage – addresses to the prime minister and his family are all united by the possibility that the income will be cancelled. Sexist insults, death threats that arouse the indignation of the party which reacts with a “come on president, we are by your side”. “This unspeakable episode is the product of the climate of hatred fomented by the false narration of those who seek to gain easy consensus on social unease”, attacks the undersecretary for the implementation of the government program Giovanbattista Fazzolari.

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The episode comes to light at the end of a day in which the center-right had already sided united with Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, after the Rete 4 program ‘Quarta Repubblica’ had broadcast an interview with a demonstrator who, at the trade union square event last Saturday in Rome against military support for Ukraine and the measures of the Meloni government, he said: “The danger of violence is objectively in the evolution of the situation. How much do they think the workers can accept wages that have been declining for 30 years, contracts that are not renewed, an attack on basic income, unemployment and increased bills? The violence is there. If the violence then hits Crosetto… I won’t tear my hair out”.

Solidarity with Crosetto came from the presidents of the Senate and Chamber, Ignazio La Russa and Lorenzo Fontana. The defense minister said he was “shocked” by the man’s words. From government colleagues full solidarity.

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