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Girl confirms allegations of violence for La Russa jr – Lombardy

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Girl confirms allegations of violence for La Russa jr – Lombardy

A substantial confirmation of the allegations contained in the lawsuit has arrived from the long hearing, which lasted over three hours before the investigators of the Milanese flying squad and the prosecutors, of the 22-year-old who reported having been sexually abused by Leonardo Apache La Russa, the son 21-year-old of the president of the Senate Ignazio and who has been under investigation for a few days for sexual assault.

The girl, a former high school classmate of the third child of the FdI exponent, had already recounted in the lawsuit, filed by the lawyer Stefano Benvenuto on June 29 and arrived at the magistrates’ table on July 3, that that evening of May 18, around midnight, it was went dancing with a friend at the Apophis disco, an exclusive place in the heart of Milan. There she met Leonardo who would offer her a couple of cocktails. She then reported that she “woke up” the next morning, around noon, without remembering anything about what happened that night, but that she was “confused” and “naked” on the 21-year-old’s bed.

“We came here after the disco with my car,” he allegedly told her, according to the young woman’s version. And he would also have explained to her that she “had had intercourse with me under the influence of drugs” and that she too a friend of hers, who was sleeping in another room, had “had intercourse with me at my unaware”. In today’s deposition, which began before noon and ended around 3 pm, the girl, in front of the deputy Letizia Mannella and the prosecutor Rosaria Stagnaro, essentially confirmed the framework of the accusations, with that ‘black out’ after the drinks drunk and the suspicion, upon awakening, of having been drugged.

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Even if the investigators will now have to carefully examine the details lined up in the report. When she was examined, on the afternoon of May 19, at the Mangiagalli clinic she tested positive for cocaine and cannabis, which she reported having taken, and also for benzodiazepines and she herself clarified that she used tranquilizers. One of the points of the investigation will be to ascertain, if possible even if very complicated, whether the 22-year-old has been administered sedatives. In the meantime, he has been identified and could be investigated, with the accusation that he would change Leonardo’s friend who was at home, one of the DJs of the evening, into gang sexual assault. To fill the scenario of the investigation with even more details, investigators and prosecutors also listened to three witnesses. Among them the friend with whom the 22-year-old went dancing and to whom she then sent messages via chat on the morning of May 19 from the La Russa family home.

“He drugged me, of course,” he wrote to her. “He offered you the drink (…) it was after the drink that you became strange”, replied her friend, who today had to clarify what condition she was in (she was unable to speak, according to her messages ) when she stayed with Leonardo, while she was returning home by taxi around three in the morning. The best friend of the girl was also heard: she also chatted with her that morning, so much so that the latter offered to accompany her to the clinic for her medical checks. And then yet another young woman, an acquaintance of the 22-year-old, who saw her in the club that night. Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office reiterated today that La Russa junior’s mobile phone has not yet been seized, while investigators are working on many elements, such as analyzes of other phones, images from surveillance cameras and other testimonies to be collected in the next days. While the 21-year-old’s defense continues to reiterate its total non-involvement in the disputes, speaking of consensual relationships, among the people who could be called to testify there is also Ignazio La Russa, who in a note in recent days had reported that he had “crossed paths”, together with his wife, with the young woman “in the morning, albeit fleetingly”, explaining that ” she appeared perfectly calm.”

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