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Giro d’Italia: San Pellegrino, Pordoi and Fedaia closed to the transit of motor vehicles as early as Friday morning

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Giro d’Italia: San Pellegrino, Pordoi and Fedaia closed to the transit of motor vehicles as early as Friday morning

All the measures relating to the Belluno stage of the pink race have been defined in the Prefecture. The deployment of police forces along the entire route was huge: reinforcements were requested. A shuttle service is planned to Rocca Pietore

BELLUNO. Passes San Pellegrino and Pordoi closed to motor vehicles from 2pm on Friday 27 May; transit on the Fedaia pass will instead be forbidden from 8am on the same day. From the same times, parking on both sides of the carriageway will also be prohibited: the forced removal of vehicles is foreseen. Circulation on foot and by bicycle will be allowed. The fact remains that all the other roads involved in the Giro will be closed for transit two and a half hours before the passage of cyclists.

These are some of the indications that emerged on Tuesday 24 May, at the end of the interprovincial committee for order and safety for the penultimate stage of the Giro d’Italia, held in the Prefecture in Belluno; Politicians and law enforcement officials from the Province of Trento also participated. In the next few hours the prefect Mariano Savastano will sign the measures that will then be lowered into the individual realities involved in the pink race.

Forces in the field

To allow the safe and orderly running of the Giro, the prefect and the police commissioner of Belluno asked the competent ministry to send new forces. “On the field we have deployed all our forces, from the carabinieri to the state police, from the traffic police to the financial police. But to monitor the whole process it will be necessary to send reinforcements ». The local police and volunteers will also act. “We have divided the most dangerous intersections and road points from the others. The former will be manned by state law enforcement personnel, while the others by local police and volunteers. Volunteers who, based on their qualification, will be able to support the traffic police or give information to spectators about alternative roads. «With our colleagues from the Autonomous Province of Trento», the prefect Savastano continues, inviting a sense of responsibility, «we also planned the outflow of spectators and traffic at the end of the race. I invite everyone to be patient, not to honk, not to get annoyed: it will take time to get rid of hundreds of thousands of people, at least until 9pm on Saturday ». The police will still be engaged in the control and verification of crucial points starting from the next few days.

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The only point of the stage that will have no spectators will be the last corner before the finish. «From the inspection of the fire brigade it emerged that the area facing the last curve before the arrival has a too high slope that does not allow the parking of people in safety. For this reason, this area will be prohibited. We asked RCS to provide for the presence of very large and wide signs in this area so as not to allow public stops ».

The alternative stops

The municipalities affected by the pink race have made a reconnaissance on the stalls available for the parking of spectators. Along the route of the stage 5 thousand have been identified. In addition, in Rocca Pietore, a municipality where the arrival of cyclists is expected around 5 pm, parking areas have been set up from where a shuttle service will depart to connect the areas with the passage roads of the race. The collection points for the shuttle service have been identified at Caprile near the Monte Civetta hotel from 5 to 12 in the section up to Capanna Bill; in Sottoguda / Malga Ciapela at the bus stops on the road from 6 to 12 on the route up to Passo Fedaia. The return will be from Capanna Bill or Malga Ciapela depending on the flow. The cost of the shuttle will be 5 euros each way and the ticket can be done on board the vehicle. Given the numerous presence foreseen, the municipal administration of Rocca Pietore also asks for the collaboration of everyone so that the service can be carried out in the best possible way.

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The schools and Luxottica

Within the scope of school autonomy, the schools of the province involved in the tour have decided, as regards the high schools of Belluno, to maintain normal school hours; along the way some schools have opted for distance learning on Saturday, while some others will take the children out of another secondary exit that does not lead directly to the road where the cyclists’ route is foreseen.

As far as the Luxottica plant is concerned, the company is reorganizing the shifts to avoid the entry or exit of workers in conjunction with the passage of the race.

“As can be seen behind such an important event, all the stakeholders have carried out a very important and demanding job, starting also with the mayors who have made a survey of all the critical points, intersections and passages along the path of the pink race. in their territory. And to fine-tune everything with pinpoint precision tomorrow, Wednesday 25 May, the Prefecture of Belluno will host, for reasons of space, the technical table of the commissioner with all the first citizens. At 9.30 the mayors of the Feltre municipalities involved in the stage of May 26 will be met, while at 10.30 there will be all those of the Belluno stage », concludes the prefect Savastano.

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