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“Glass Heart” broke 16 million traffic in 10 days Huang Mingzhi: many people have awakened | mocking the CCP | many people have awakened

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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing October 26, 2021]The song “Glass Heart”, which mocked the CCP, has been on YouTube for 10 days, and its traffic has exceeded 16 million. The creator Huang Mingzhi said that the more people he loves, the more people have awakened.

On the evening of October 25, Malaysian singer Huang Mingzhi responded on Facebook, “The Heart of Glass will receive such a lot of attention. I don’t think the song itself is that powerful, but many people have already awakened.”

“Although I wrote the song, after I wrote it, it not only represents me, it represents the reflection and resonance in the hearts of every listener who loves it,” Huang Mingzhi said, “The more people you love, the resonance is represented. The greater the degree, that is the general trend…”

“Glass Heart”, sung by Huang Mingzhi and Australian female singer Chen Fangyu, has recently become popular on the Internet. It not only broke into the 14th place on the YouTube World Top Chart, it was the only Chinese song selected. And in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia rankings all rushed to the first place, Australia rushed to the second place.

However, because elements mocking the CCP abound in the lyrics, such as “Glass Heart”, “Leek”, “Cotton”, and “Civets” are very sharp and creative, so “Glass Heart” is featured in China’s QQ Music, NetEase Music Cloud, and Cool. Platforms such as My Music and Tencent Video were taken down. The Weibo accounts of Huang Mingzhi and Chen Fangyu were also blocked.

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Huang Mingzhi said on Facebook that if it is purely to make money, he will definitely choose people and places with more money. For him, many things are not measured by money. “If I were to give up creative freedom and ideals, it would be contrary to my original intention as a creator, then I would rather not”.

Some people say that he makes money by defrauding traffic by speculating topics. Huang Mingzhi said that they don’t understand the rules of this industry. “I have used creative methods to fight against corrupt regimes and justice for many years.” Every time I was arrested, accused, or imprisoned, in addition to spending a lot of money, I also lost a lot of job opportunities. “Personal freedom is supervised, the spirit is tortured, everyone around will stay away…”

He said that he is not a politician, and doing this will not attract votes for him to be elected, and even lose everything he has, but he only thinks about how to use the fan effect to influence more people to resist Iron Fist.

Huang Mingzhi said, “When you are silent to the iron fist, you are instigating and encouraging. One day, the iron fist will hit you on the head sooner or later, and everyone will not be able to escape…”

After the popularity of “Glass Heart”, Huang Mingzhi’s agency team was also quite surprised by this, and said: “(song) is not only in the Asian Chinese region, but also in 8 or 9 countries in Europe and Oceania. ), it’s been many days…, the message area is even more exciting, thank you for your attention to the song.”

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Many self-media commentators praised Huang Mingzhi and Chen Fangyu for their extraordinarily hard bones, “These artists not only want to make money, but also stand to make money.”

Senior media person Tang Hao analyzed in the program “Crossroads” that Chinese people often say that for a thing to be successful, it must have “time, place, and harmony”, and then do it in accordance with the nature, and everything will go smoothly. It’s a matter of course. And “Glass Heart” is a typical Shuntian respondent, helping countless people to openly express their dissatisfaction and aspirations towards the CCP.

Tang Hao said that although this song exposes the CCP and criticizes the CCP, there is no curse or ugly words in the lyrics. Instead, it quotes a lot of facts to create the lyrics, very skillfully mocking the CCP’s hypocrisy, weirdness, and tyranny. And every sentence is to the point. (Click to watch “Glass Heart”)

(Reporter Luo Tingting Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Fan Ming)

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