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Go home safely and reunite for the New Year!The centenarian successfully “broke through” after being infected with the new crown|Infection|Guangdong|New Coronary Pneumonia_Sina News

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Go home safely and reunite for the New Year!The centenarian successfully “broke through” after being infected with the new crown|Infection|Guangdong|New Coronary Pneumonia_Sina News

“Grandma, you have recovered, and you can be discharged today.” On January 11, in the respiratory medicine ward of Guangdong Clifford Hospital, the head nurse Chen Liqin said to her with a smile after the 100-year-old grandma Xu finished transfusing the last bottle of fluid .

Grandma Xu took a group photo with medical staff

From the emergency hospitalization after being infected with the new crown virus to the smooth discharge after his condition improved, this centenarian has successfully passed another major hurdle in his life. This is also the oldest patient in the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Guangdong Clifford Hospital who meets the discharge criteria for new crown infection so far.

  Centenarian infected with new crown

According to the grandson of the old man, Mr. Zhong, although Grandma Xu is over a hundred years old, she has always been in good physical condition. After being infected with the new crown this time, her body has also experienced a huge test, and the whole family is anxious. On December 22, 2022, like many elderly people, my grandma unexpectedly became “positive” and developed symptoms such as fever, cough, and even shortness of breath. On December 26, her symptoms worsened, and her family members hurriedly took her to the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Guangdong Clifford Hospital. Director Chen Xiaorong received the doctor, and the nucleic acid test of the new coronavirus was positive. Chest CT examination also found infection in the posterior segment of the upper lobe of the right lung, chronic bronchitis, blood oxygen When the saturation is lower than 80% (the normal value is 95%-100%), the elderly will be out of breath after a little movement, and wheezing and moist rales can be heard in both lungs. The patient is old and seriously ill, so he is admitted to the ward , further treatment.

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  Combination of Chinese and Western Therapy Opens “Breakthrough”

For centenarians, they have experienced a new crown virus infection, and their bodies have also suffered a lot of impact; for the medical staff fighting on the front line, the treatment process of this elderly patient has also experienced considerable challenges.

“After being hospitalized, through careful inspection, it was found that Grandma Zhong was not only infected with the new coronavirus, but also mixed with various pathogens such as bacterial infection, influenza, and mycoplasma pneumoniae, which made her condition worse.” Lan Qiuli, the attending physician in charge of the bed, pointed out that facing the For a centenarian patient, the medical team was meticulous and tried their best to help overcome difficulties. We are very cautious in the treatment and medication, not only providing anti-infection, anti-virus, protein supplementation, oxygen therapy, anti-inflammatory and anti-asthma treatment for patients, but also intervening in the whole process of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the use of Chinese patent medicines to assist the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. Western medicine and use.

After fighting the virus for more than half a month, Grandma Xu’s blood oxygen saturation returned to 95%, her lung infection was under control, her coughing decreased, her appetite gradually recovered, and she was able to get out of bed and move around.

I’m out of the hospital, I’m home for the New Year

  safe home reunion

“When the patient entered the ward, although he was weak, he was clear-headed and cooperated with our work.” Director Chen Xiaorong introduced that the reason why the centenarian can recover so quickly is also due to her good foundation of healthy living habits for many years . “Finally passed this hurdle, and I can go home to celebrate the New Year with peace of mind.” Mr. Zhong and his family took his grandma to prepare to be discharged from the hospital. He sincerely thanked the doctors and nurses in the hospital for taking care of the patients as if they were relatives. Grandma’s mental state is getting better and better. it is good.

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At the end of 2022, as the epidemic prevention and control entered a new stage, all the medical staff of Guangdong Clifford Hospital experienced another battle against the epidemic. Facing the “big test” at the end of the year, the hospital immediately integrated resources and strength, and actively expanded its capacity to treat severe cases. “One bed in the whole hospital” should be fully received and treated; an expert group for the treatment of new crown critical illnesses was established to guide Consultation and rescue work for critically ill patients with new coronavirus infection in all departments of the hospital. In the middle and early January of 2023, a large number of “Yangkang” patients in the hospital recovered and were discharged, and went home safely for the New Year. The recovery and discharge of the patients greatly encouraged the medical staff of the hospital. “Although the body is exhausted, the heart is very warm. Seeing the patient successfully discharged from the hospital and returning home safely for the New Year is the best New Year gift we have received.” Chen Liqin said.

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