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Goats stuck on rock faces for five days: rescued by firefighters

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Goats stuck on rock faces for five days: rescued by firefighters

LAUCO. A complex operation, which lasted eight hours. The firefighters of the Detachment team and the Saf team (Alpine river speleo) from the headquarters took so long to bring to safety three goats blocked for five days in the middle of the rock walls above the Vinadia gorge in the Plugna area. in Lauco.

The firefighters reached the top of the walls opposite those where the animals were, identified the exact point from which to carry out the maneuvers and, after leaving an operator at the lookout point, they moved vertically up to the goats and started to prepare the recovery maneuver.

Two technicians from the Alpine fluvial speleo core descended along the wall for about 150 meters and, after having created two safety anchors, harnessed the goats, with special harnesses supplied, and began the recovery of the quadrupeds. While a technician “accompanied” the animals – one at a time – to his colleagues upstream, using a mechanical winch, controlled by radio by the lookout operator, they hoisted man and animal until they reached a safe area.

The goats rescued above the Vinadia Gorge in Plugna, Lauco

Once all three goats were brought to safety, the firefighters handed the animals over to the owner. Due to the conformation of the terrain, formed by vertical walls, the rescue operations proved to be particularly complex but thanks to the expertise and constant preparation of the Saf technicians of the fire brigade teams, the animals, which by now were exhausted and on the verge of survival, were brought to safety.

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