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Government and ELN agree to a bilateral ceasefire in Havana

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Government and ELN agree to a bilateral ceasefire in Havana

The Government of Colombia and the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN) agreed this Friday in Havana, a bilateral, national and temporary ceasefire, as part of the “Cuba Agreements” that were reached during the third cycle of talks carried out at the Peace Dialogues Table that both parties resumed since November 2022.

The agreement, which puts an end to the crossfire, hostilities and offensive actions between the Colombian Armed Forces and the guerrilla commandos, was signed by the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, the first guerrilla commander, Antonio García, and the second commander of the insurgent group and head of the ELN delegation, Pablo Beltrán.

Before signing this important truce that seeks to de-escalate the violence that has spread for more than half a century in Colombian territory, President Petro —who for the first time accompanies the formal closure of a cycle of talks— announced that the signing of this document would be “very important for the history of Colombia” because “it could mean the beginning without retreat of an era of peace” for your country.

The third cycle of dialogue rounds began on May 2 and was due to end at the end of that month. However, it was extended until this Friday, June 9, after the parties agreed to two extensions to finalize details on key issues such as the participation of society in the peacebuilding process, the bilateral ceasefire and humanitarian actions and dynamics execute. with RT

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