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Government, Conte: “On the Aid decree trust in the Chamber, we will see in the Senate”. Live voting

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Government, Conte: “On the Aid decree trust in the Chamber, we will see in the Senate”.  Live voting

After the explanations of vote on the confidence placed by the government on the Aid decree, it is now underway in the Chamber at the Camerala to call for roll-call of the deputies. The final vote on the provision will be held on Monday. “Ok trust in the Government, we want to collaborate: we will vote for trust in the Chamber, we will see in the Senate” said the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte. “We want to collaborate with the government – added Conte – and yesterday we brought a document with the priorities of citizens, families and businesses. So there is the availability, the will but also the urgency for those things that are important to be done “. As for the final vote of the text in the Chamber, “these are measures that we have loudly invoked, and some we have directly suggested, but frankly we have not understood the obstinacy to insert a completely eccentric norm that has nothing to do with it. nothing with this matter of supports and which concerns a perspective of an incinerator that is absolutely obsolete, which is why we have adopted a line that cannot be that of sharing the content ». The leader of the 5 Star Movement spoke on the sidelines of the conference “Towards an Ecodigital Italy.” To those who asked him what the Movement will do in the Senate, where there is no separate vote, “when the text arrives you will know …”, the former premier cut short.

Majority in the chaos on the Aid decree. Draghi opens to the M5S, wrath of the center-right

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niccolò carratelli

Approved in May in the Council of Ministers, it was voted on in the Chamber – starting at 14.25, the declarations started at 12.40 – with changes but the system remains the original one. At the end of the vote on trust – the final one will be on Monday 11 July – today the agendas for the text are examined. And then after the go-ahead from the House, the decree will pass to the Senate which will have a few days to examine it before the deadline, on July 16. The confidence placed by the government in the Chamber on the Aid is the first parliamentary passage after yesterday’s meeting between Mario Draghi and Giuseppe Conte.

Dl Aid, explanations of vote in the Chamber: live


Luigi Gallo of the M5S announced that “we trust this government today”, underlining however that “we await some answers: we expect long-term measures that will allow citizens to overcome such a long moment of crisis, the confirmation of citizenship income without ifs and buts, the minimum wage, the Superbonus and the stop to speculation on the price of gas ».

“Being in this majority is not easy – underlined Beatrice Lorenzin of the Democratic Party in the Aula -. But someone has to take responsibility and we in the Democratic Party take them. Long live God that we are different, but let us also remember the reasons that unite us: starting from the need for a possible future for us and for the next generations “.

From Italia Viva, Sara Moretto, group leader in the Chamber’s Productive Activities Commission, reiterated support for the government: “Unlike others, who change their minds and positions overnight when they see the poll the next day, we are solidly oriented to the needs of the country and we confirm our full support for the government led by Mario Draghi ».

On the Brothers of Italy side, the deputy Paolo Trancassini declared that Giorgia Meloni’s party “votes against this umpteenth confidence which represents a bad page in a Parliament, silenced by the government and the Minister D’Incà for more than a week and only reopened now that the first ‘letter from Conte to Draghi’ has been delivered. A trust that does not convince any political force but on which all the other strategies of the Palace and of power are at stake ».

Dl Aiuti, Conte: “We will vote for trust. We are willing to collaborate but there are priorities”


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