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Government: Draghi-Conte meeting at 12, 5Stelle summit in progress

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Government: Draghi-Conte meeting at 12, 5Stelle summit in progress

The meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and M5S leader Giuseppe Conte was brought forward to 11 am Then, postponed by an hour. Hence, the decision of the president of the pentastellates to anticipate the ‘enlarged’ National Council. The face to face between the prime minister and his predecessor, in fact, could determine whether or not the 5 Stars remain within the executive. The points of friction are different, and intersect with the discussion in the Chamber on Dl Aid. The “stakes” of the pentastellates concern in particular the superbonus and the waste-to-energy plant in Rome. At the request of the government, the examination of the Decree has been moved in turn to allow the meeting between the premier and Conte. The discussion in the classroom will resume at 2 pm.

Majority in the chaos on the Aid decree. Draghi opens to M5S, wrath of the center-right

niccolò carratelli

According to sources close to the Movement, the meeting of the “general states” should give birth to a sort of list of requests to the premier. That in his mediation he will also have to take into account the positions of the League, which for some time has accused Conte and him of pulling too hard. “We are loyal but not fools”, summed up yesterday Romeo, group leader in the Senate of the Carroccio. Which this morning saw the conversation between Salvini and Giorgetti. “The party is compact.”

Lega, Romeo: “We are loyal, but don’t be fools: Draghi must now give a signal”

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