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Government, from citizenship income to super bonuses and minimum wages: the 9 points of Conte a Draghi’s document

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Government, from citizenship income to super bonuses and minimum wages: the 9 points of Conte a Draghi’s document

Here are the main passages of the document delivered by Conte to Draghi:

«I intend to represent the profound political unease that the 5 Star Movement Community has been experiencing for some time now, even more exacerbated by the latest events. I remember that the reasons for the very existence of the 5 Star Movement are and remain the interests of citizens and the good of the country.
We have always placed the defense of democratic principles and the prerogatives of Parliament at the center of our political action. Our lighthouse is the ecological transition, as an effective environmental strategy, which embraces the circular economy. We are constantly working to try to reduce the gap between the privileged and the least, in light of the many inequalities which, moreover, are constantly increasing: generational, territorial, gender.
The 5 Star Movement, at the time of the birth of the Government, has maintained a line of absolute national responsibility, of political generosity, in keeping with the indications of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella since the early hours. We decided not to turn our backs on the country, at a time when it was necessary to proceed quickly with the vaccination campaign and in the completion of the PNRR, giving priority to protecting the health of citizens and relaunching the entire economic system.
We have always worked for a peaceful discussion on problems, offering our contribution without reserve to arrive at useful solutions, without ever creating difficulties. This was not the attitude of all the majority political forces. We have suffered prejudicial attacks, disrespect, to the point of being subjected to invectives intended to destroy our very existence. There has often been indifference to our legitimate requests.
It cannot be hidden that the political process and placement in the government have weighed on our electorate. They have worn it out and also eroded it. But never, and I stress never, the reasons for the convenience of part and the electoral evaluations have obscured in us the absolute priority of the good of Italy.
We now expect, on behalf of the entire 5 Star Community, a sign of strong discontinuity, because outside the buildings where government institutions meet, in homes, streets, factories and offices, it is mounting – day after day – a social malaise to which we must give an urgent response.
Already at the end of last March, when I met her at Palazzo Chigi to express the opposition of our Community to embrace the race for rearmament, I recalled the urgency to concentrate the interventions and resources in support of families and businesses, struggling with a thousand difficulties due to the high bills, the increase in the cost of fuel, the inflationary explosion, the scarcity of raw materials. Now the situation of families and businesses has worsened.
It is for this reason that, in such a difficult context for our fellow citizens, we no longer feel like giving up expressing and asserting our positions, in the name of a generic “responsibility”, which in fact risks coinciding with an attitude submissive and blindly confident with respect to decision-making processes of which we are only informed at the last minute.

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Inflation has reached the high levels of the 1980s and the problem that plagues many citizens is no longer how to make it to the end of the month, but how to make it to the middle of the month at least. There are citizens and businesses who are called upon to make dramatic choices every day: whether to pay taxes or pay bills, pay rent or pay suppliers.
We have repeatedly represented to you, in vain, how it is not acceptable for the Council of Ministers to be relegated to the role of a mere certifying body of decisions already taken, with even very complex regulatory measures that are brought directly to the Council or, when it is right, with a minimum advance, however unsuitable to allow adequate analysis.

The sense of responsibility towards the country and towards future generations requires us to reclaim with ever greater force our ideas and our convictions against war, for peace and disarmament expressed, ultimately, with infinite courage and too much solitude as Pope Francis.

We cannot give up our ideas and convictions on social hardship, which requires support for the least and the fight against poverty, at a time when the distances between privilege and hardship, between luxury and indigence are increasing. We cannot renounce our ideas and convictions for the affirmation of an entirely ecological culture and for a growth that is compatible and functional to the defense and enhancement of the balance of eco-systems. For us, the promotion and support of true producers of wealth, healthy businesses linked to territories, are absolutely urgent, while it seems necessary to contain financial revenues, speculations and the proliferation of a paper economy that is eating the real one.
Our Community, in the face of the worsening of the economic conditions of families and businesses, in the face of the increase in vulnerable sections of the population, in the face of the now evident impoverishment of the middle class, expects clear and decisive positions from you, in particular on the following topics:

1) Basic income. We can no longer accept being in a majority which, in many of its components, directs spurious and instrumental attacks on this minimal system of social protection, shamefully lashing out at the most vulnerable sections of the population. We were the first to suggest and approved, still recently, significant changes to counteract any abuses and to encourage the so-called “employable” to accept job offers. But we need your definitive clarification, which puts an end to the continuing controversies, which are completely inadmissible. Above all, we are not willing to consider further restrictions even more penalizing, intended to restrict the scope of application of this reform. On the other hand, we are available to evaluate useful solutions to improve the system of active policies.

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2) Minimum salary. The existence of an audience of 4.5 million workers who have starvation paychecks, which damage their own dignity, makes the introduction of the so-called minimum wage absolutely urgent. It is a very widespread measure also in other European countries. Our draft law also enhances the collective agreements of reference and is worth expunging the so-called pirate contracts from the system. We do not think it possible that this Executive will remain indifferent and do not give clear indications on the priority of this reform, which also involves young people and women, who continue to receive indecent paychecks

3) Dingity decree. We no longer believe it is possible to postpone, once again, the application of these rules designed to combat precarious work. We are willing to study incentives together to encourage permanent hiring, but it remains essential that fixed-term contracts remain linked to specific reasons, to counteract the savage precariousness.

4) Aid to families and businesses. The current crisis requires extraordinary, broad and organic intervention in favor of families and businesses. A € 200 bonus does not solve the serious problems that our fellow citizens are facing.

We have asked you several times for a budget deviation.

Significant support measures are also needed for businesses and self-employed workers, who will certainly not be able to sustain this surge in the cost of bills and this inflationary push.

Another path to generate suitable financial resources is to intervene, with greater courage and determination, in hitting the numerous speculations that have arisen in this emergency phase in various sectors of activity (pharmaceutical, insurance, as well as oil and gas trade). .

Furthermore, we believe it is absolutely necessary and urgent to intervene to cut the tax wedge, useful for making workers’ payrolls heavier and for at least partial recovery of the loss of wage purchasing power, which has no equal.

in Europa.

5) Ecological transition. This government was born under the banner of ecological transition and environmental protection (now also in the Constitution): the energy crisis must induce us even more to focus strongly on massive investments in renewable sources. We are not willing to encourage investments in gas infrastructures or to “widen the links” of the concessions for the exploitation of our fossil fields, operations which, moreover, require medium-long times, high costs and uncertain returns.

6) Superbonus 110%. The government interventions that have gradually followed one another and your own statements issued in Europe have produced a climate of strong mistrust in the citizens and in the sector operators themselves, with the result that the circulation of tax credits is effectively blocked, dozens Thousands of businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy and many citizens find themselves with housework suspended.

For us it is absolutely essential that a truly functional solution is introduced, capable of unblocking the sales and allowing the completion of the works.

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7) Cashback fiscale. We have seen the dismantling of fundamental measures to accelerate the process of digitization of the public administration and to combat the underground economy, such as the so-called cashback. A provision that could certainly have been improved and refined, but which was instead decided to eliminate with a stroke of the pen, without even consulting us.

It is for these reasons that we deem it necessary to anticipate the application of the “fiscal cashback”, the principle of which has already been appropriately implemented, on the initiative of the 5 Star Movement, in the text of the tax delegation currently being examined by Parliament.

8) Intervention on collection. It is absolutely urgent to intervene on the collection that gives greater serenity to taxpayers given the resurgence of the economic crisis. It is necessary to elaborate an effective measure of facilitated definition of the debts registered in the role with the Collection Agent, with installments up to 120 euros. We do not want an amnesty, but serve penalties and interest.

9) Law clause of delegation. For greater respect towards Parliament, introduce a clause, for each delegation law, which provides that whenever the Government does not comply with the opinion expressed by the Parliamentary Commissions, the Government itself returns to Parliament to specifically motivate its choice and only after this final approval of the legislative decree will be possible.

For us, the political force that gave birth to this government and has always shown itself responsible, the next political steps will be crucial. These questions, of method and merit, are relevant for the life of citizens and for the maintenance and revitalization of the entire economic and social system. The sense of responsibility that we have towards the country and towards the citizens requires us to make a clarifying confrontation, which recovers a full dialectic that has come to diminish and serves to obtain precise indications on the political direction that you want to give to your government.

Our ideas have been maliciously misrepresented by many. Up to the point of defining our positions regarding the international context, as anti-Atlantic and anti-European. We want more than ever, and much more than others, to be and count in Europe and to maintain our historic alliance within NATO. The point is how do you stay in these offices: with dignity and autonomy, aware of being one of the first democracies in the world, or do you play the role of passive terminals of decisions taken by others? Our participation in these fora is inscribed in the exclusive logic of “staying aligned”, or there is the determination to make Italy the protagonist, together with its allies, of a geo-political line that prevents an irremediable fracture, with a world divided into two blocs: on the one hand, the Western countries, on the other hand, the rest of the world?

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