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government meloni Today’s news 4 October: “Government is needed soon, no mess with Draghi”

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government meloni Today’s news 4 October: “Government is needed soon, no mess with Draghi”

Giorgia Meloni runs. The leader of the Brothers of Italy is in a hurry to form the new government and among the most important points there is certainly that of the Treasury. The reason is clear: Italy sees the recession: the gas rush freezes growth and the Treasury sees three negative quarters.
It is well known that at the Mef you would like Fabio Panetta but the ECB exponent has repeatedly declined the invitation with a “no thanks”. Baldassarri and Grilli emerge. All this while the number one of the League, Matteo Salvini, is in fact surrounded: Bossi begins to structure the current Northern Committee and the Venetians push for autonomy, defined as “urgent as the expensive bill”. On the center-left front, in particular in the Pd house, chaos reigns: the dems focus on the regional ones and warn Cinque Stelle and Terzo Polo: if we split, the councilors away from the councils. Meanwhile, today, one of the hotspots will be the hearing of Defense Minister Guerini at Copasir and a fifth shipment of weapons to Ukraine is expected. On this point, the leader of the 5s Giuseppe Conte prepares for the barricades.

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– Interview 2 – Rino Formica: “Melons and Peronist Conte, this sinister defeat is neither meat nor fish”

09.00 – Calenda: no to wide fields, Pd choose progressives or populists: “The vote of the M5S in the south represents condemnation of the south”
«Decide once and for all who you are and which side you are on», «the opposition is a great opportunity to recover consensus», «there are no large fields to build. Don’t waste time summoning them. There is only one choice to make: progressives or populists ». The leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, writes this in a letter addressed to the dems, published by Repubblica. “Dear friends of the Democratic Party, the choice you have to make is not that between Conte and Calenda, but between populism and reformism,” Calenda reiterates.

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– 08.26 – Landini: companies play their part
The CGIL will take to the streets next Saturday 8 October because “we ask to be involved before the decisions are made” and “we want to advance our proposals”. This was stated, in an interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano, by the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini. The union intends to bring precise proposals to the new government: “The first concerns income, wages, pensions. It is necessary to act with the decontribution raising that already transiently initiated by the Draghi government and with the revaluation of pensions – he underlines -. In the energy emergency it is necessary to raise the bonus above the current threshold of 12 thousand euro Isee. We must fight in Europe to review the price mechanism ». But not only: “It is necessary to intervene on the bills through two ways: to tax the extra-profits, also assuming a Fund with public guarantees that can make a contribution and guarantee an over-installment of the bills and perhaps arrive at a real solidarity contribution”. According to Landini: «In recent years the resources have been given to companies, now public money must be conditioned on the defense of employment and new industrial policies – he stresses -. The risk is that we go into recession, so companies must also perform a social responsibility function. Their profits, which do not concern only the energy sector, must be made available to the growth of the country. Everyone must do their part ». The general secretary of the CGIL is not against citizenship income: “The idea that income is canceled in a country with this level of poverty and social hardship is madness, especially since financial income is taxed less than work and of pensions. We can improve it and make a more serious reasoning on employment policies ».

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