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Government of Cesar signed education agreement with the Diocese of Valledupar

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Government of Cesar signed education agreement with the Diocese of Valledupar

The Government of Cesar signed an agreement with the Diocese of Valledupar, for more than $18,462 million, to provide education to 6,025 boys, girls and adolescents in the dispersed rural areas of 14 municipalities in this department.

The signing of the agreement was carried out between the Secretary of Government of Cesar, Eduardo Esquivel, representing the departmental administration, and Monsignor Óscar José Vélez Isaza, guaranteeing permanence in the classrooms in paths and townships that are difficult to access, through a broad educational basket that includes, in addition to the teaching service, support materials, sports, school kits for preschool, basic and middle school students, a hygiene kit and a component for the improvement of infrastructure.

“Fundamentally, this is an agreement to serve 6,025 students, all of them from the dispersed, difficult-to-access rural area of ​​the department of Cesar. We are going to serve 14 municipalities in the most distant villages and townships,” said Monsignor Óscar José Vélez Isaza.

The implementation of this agreement benefits 291 preschool students, 3,717 primary students, 1,761 post-primary students, and 256 on average in 18 educational establishments in the municipalities of Aguachica, Agustín Codazzi, Astrea, Bosconia, Chimichagua, Chiriguaná, Curumaní, El Copey, La Gloria, La Jagua de Ibirico, Pailitas, Pelaya, Pueblo Bello and San Alberto.

The Secretary of Government of Cesar, Eduardo Esquivel, maintained that “this is a commitment by Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuán to reach all sectors of the department, especially in vulnerable and dispersed areas, serving a population that with the number of teachers “We couldn’t cover what we have.”

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The official added: “This is a comprehensive educational basket that includes food, teachers, and arrangements for educational institutions in those dispersed areas where we will reach through the Diocese of Valledupar.”

He explained that to recover the two weeks that the signing of the agreement may have delayed, adjustments will be made to the academic schedules, providing the children and young people in these remote areas with the complete education service.

Esquivel López pointed out that “the need to formalize this agreement is motivated by the insufficiency in the educational institutions of the department to provide the school service, evidenced in a situational diagnosis carried out by the Ministry of Education of Cesar; It showed that the department does not have the number of teachers necessary to serve the dispersed and vulnerable rural population, which is why it is necessary to contract with an entity with recognized experience to guarantee the service.

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