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Government provided lifeguards from the Civil Defense of Orocué with life jackets – news

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Government provided lifeguards from the Civil Defense of Orocué with life jackets – news

The Mayor’s Office of Yopal, through the Legal Office, ruled on a vehicle that did not appear in the inventory of the Secretary of Infrastructure delivered during the connection report, and that they tried to enter the construction workshop this week.

According to the Legal Advisory Office, in the work of verifying the management and connection report for the 2020-2023 period, delivered by the previous administration, a detailed review is being carried out by each secretariat.

In the work carried out with the Infrastructure Secretariat, it was found that there was a shortage of a Renault brand truck-type vehicle, Linea Koleos, due to the fact that it was not in the municipality’s facilities; For this reason, the Legal Advisory Office and based on the duty that assists public servants, issued the instruction to bring this situation to the attention of the competent authorities, taking into account that it was not recorded in the management report, delivered by the previous administration.

According to the traceability available in the Infrastructure Secretariat, in March 2023, a vehicle apparently with these same characteristics left the Mayor’s workshop in order to be repaired, then, for the month of September of the same year, it was carried out a consultancy to verify the vehicle fleet destined for this agency; In this consultancy, it is related that said vehicle had to be subjected to a disposal process, a situation that ultimately did not occur, nor is there a documented explanation of the official whereabouts of the vehicle.

What happened to the vehicle?

Regarding the situation that arose on Tuesday, the Advisory Office learned that a vehicle with similar characteristics that was in another location outside of the Mayor’s Office was going to be entered into the workshop, for this a record of entry, at which time the SIJIN is present, which took custody of this and two other vehicles for the respective criminal investigation, within the framework of its functional jurisdiction, so that in said procedure the vehicle and the possible responsible parties are fully identified. It will not be found within the official inventory of the municipality, nor has it been related to the splicing process or management report of the previous administration.

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The vehicle in question, apparently, is the same one in which the relative of a current councilor of Yopal was traveling, and it will be the competent authorities who determine what happened to the vehicle during the time that it was not reported in the inventories of the Secretary of Infrastructure, and where he was while he was not in the construction workshop.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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