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Governor Zhao Long went to Quanzhou again to check the epidemic prevention and control work-News and Current Affairs- Southeast Net Quanzhou Channel

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Take more decisive measures to resolutely stop the spread of the epidemic

On the 23rd, Governor Zhao Long went to Quanzhou again to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work, emphasizing the need to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen confidence, face difficulties, take decisive measures, and resolutely block The chain of epidemic transmission should be cleared as soon as possible.

The epidemic situation in Jinjiang City is complicated and severe. Entrusted by Yin Li, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Long went straight to the Quan Shang Mansion in Chendai Town to check the implementation of the closure and control measures and the supply of materials on the spot, and visit and condolence to the staff who are on the front line of prevention and control day and night. Afterwards, they rushed to the Jinjiang City Headquarters to discuss further prevention and control measures with relevant comrades in Quanzhou City and Jinjiang City. He emphasized that when the epidemic prevention and control is more intense and contested, the more confidence and persistence must be strengthened, the seriousness of the current epidemic situation must be clearly seen, the deficiencies and loopholes in the previous work must be carefully looked for, and more measures must be taken without hesitation. Decisive measures have been taken to strengthen the control of key areas, organize nucleic acid testing in a scientific and orderly manner, make good use of auxiliary screening methods such as antigen testing, and implement the requirements of “fast, accurate, strict, and meticulous”. While further strengthening management and control, we must use various forms to increase publicity efforts, mobilize the masses to consciously cooperate with the party committee and government, strictly implement various management and control requirements, strengthen self-protection, calm the city, and strengthen the anti-epidemic atmosphere. The prevention and control measures are strict and compact to the “last mile”.

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Fengze New Village is the first community to be closed and controlled in this round of the epidemic. The community serves the residents strictly and warmly through WeChat groups, greeting letters, building housekeepers, etc., and is very popular among the masses. Zhao Long praised it. He said that the vast number of health personnel, community workers, volunteers, public security officers, and party members and cadres have made positive contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the people in the closed area have given understanding, support and active cooperation, which is touching and pays tribute to everyone. . The longer the closure and control period, the more we must compare our hearts, think in a different position, do a good job of the masses patiently and meticulously, ensure the needs of living materials, medical consultations, etc., relieve anxiety in time, obtain understanding and cooperation, and work together, unite as one, build a city Harmonious neighborhood relations, actively create “epidemic-free communities”, strive to eliminate risks as soon as possible, and restore normal production and living order.

The standardized management of isolation points is the focus of epidemic prevention and control. At the airport hotel isolation point, Zhao Long carefully asked how many rounds of nucleic acid testing had been done, how to deal with the garbage, whether there were enough prevention and control personnel and materials, and told the staff to protect themselves. He emphasized that it is necessary to strictly manage the isolation points, strictly prohibit the isolation personnel from visiting the door, and at the same time provide good services to solve the practical difficulties of the isolated people in a timely manner; establish and improve the information ledger, and do a good job in transfer reception, daily monitoring, disinfection and sterilization, medical treatment Waste disposal and other aspects of work to prevent cross-infection.

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The “Huoweishan” Fangcang shelter hospital renovated from Quanzhou Strait Gymnasium has treated more than 600 mild patients and asymptomatic infections. Zhao Long came here and seriously inquired about the setting of the medical and nursing team, the mental state of patients, and the prevention and control measures of hospital infection. Staff and patient stress.

Zhao Long also held a symposium with the Fujian Working Group of the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council to re-study and strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work. He pointed out that the working group went deep into the front line to find problems and find deficiencies, and the opinions and suggestions put forward were very targeted. All departments at all levels in Quanzhou must carefully check the list of problems, make quick rectifications, and make clear and daily settlements, so as to comprehensively improve the level of scientific and precise prevention and control. We must rise to the challenge, do a good job in nucleic acid testing, antigen testing, epidemiological assessment, transfer and isolation, containment and control, medical treatment and other work, screen out all potential infections in society as quickly as possible, and do our best to contain them The epidemic spreads and spreads, and the social dynamic is cleared as soon as possible. We must pay special attention to special groups such as “one old and one small” and pregnant women, strengthen medical treatment, and make every effort to safeguard people’s lives and health. The majority of party members must rush ahead and work first, organize and drive the masses to actively fight the epidemic, and win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

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Provincial leaders Liu Jianyang and Li Dejin, city leaders Cai Shengli, Shi Yuhui, Huang Wensheng, Zhang Wenxian, etc. participated. (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Chen Linsen)

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