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Gragnano, leans out of the window and falls: prosecutors seize the 13-year-old’s body

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Gragnano, leans out of the window and falls: prosecutors seize the 13-year-old’s body

He wanted to fix the TV antenna cable and so he looked out as much as possible from the window of the apartment where he lived, on the fourth floor. But he lost his balance, fell several meters and died instantly, just 13 years old. A tragedy that this morning, shortly after 11, left Gragnano, a town in the province of Naples, breathless. The prosecutor of Torre Annunziata has decided to seize the body, the prosecutors will confer an assignment for an autopsy report, because they need to clarify every aspect of the dynamics of the incident.

Alessandro was an only child and was alone in the house when the terrible accident occurred. He fell into the void, in via Lamma, a few days from the start of school, he would have attended the eighth grade. He thought it was a chore within his reach to fix that cable, but he paid with his life. His parents, well-known and respected professionals in Gragnano, were away on business and would never have imagined such a fate for their only son. The screams, the arrival of the 118 personnel, the vain and desperate attempts to save him but it was all in vain: the doctors could not help but note his death due to the numerous injuries and internal traumas caused by the fall.

The pain immediately crossed the whole town of Gragnano. The news immediately went around the houses, and Alessandro’s many friends arrived on the spot, accompanied by their parents. Until last night they met and made plans for the new school year. Today only the tears. The carabinieri who have cordoned off the area are also on site; the magistrate ordered the seizure of the body by opening an investigation into the incident and arranging for an autopsy. Alessandro’s body now lies in the morgue of the cemetery of Castellammare di Stabia. On the occasion of his funeral, when they are fixed, there will be city mourning.

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A pain, that of Gragnano, that the mayor, Nello D’Auria, tried to transmit to the boy’s parents; he expressed his condolences on behalf of the entire citizens of Gragnano and signed an order with which he suspended any demonstration scheduled for the next few days. “A day too sad, a pain too great, a death too unnatural”, he wrote on social networks where there are many, more and more in these hours, the messages of pain for the death of the young Alessandro. “A little angel flew to heaven too soon”, many write. “A kind and polite boy”, writes those who knew him.

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