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Grain Days talks about the revitalization of Liang’an and rural areas | Rural Revitalization | Henan Province | Food Security_Sina News

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Original title: Food Days talks about the revitalization of Liangan villages to add confidence

Source: Henan Daily

On October 15, the launching ceremony of Henan Province’s 2021 World Food Day and National Food Security Awareness Week was held in Zhengzhou. October 16 is the 41st World Food Day. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has identified this year’s event as “Actions create the future. Better production, better nutrition, better environment, and better life.” This week is national food security. The theme of the publicity week is “Developing the Food Industry and Helping Rural Rejuvenation”.

The industry is strong, the food is safe, and the farmers are rich. As the second largest grain producing province and the largest grain ration province in the country, Henan pays great attention to the development of the grain industry. As of the end of 2020, there were 1,727 grain and oil processing enterprises in the province, and the total output value of the grain industry reached 240.5 billion yuan, ranking first in the country.

Henan’s annual grain purchase volume has stabilized at a high level of more than 70 billion jin for consecutive years, of which the lowest purchase price of grain has reached more than 20 billion jin; more than 60 billion jin of raw grain and finished products are transferred out of the province each year, which not only guarantees the province’s ration consumption , And also strongly supported the national food security.

At present, the food security situation is generally improving. In order to satisfy the people’s transition from “well-eaten” to “well-eaten”, Henan, while carrying out the important task of food security, insists on taking “grain heads and tails” and “agricultural heads and tails” as the starting point to extend the grain industry. Chain, enhance the value chain, build the supply chain, and continuously improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the food industry.

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In Xiaowei Village, Shipogu Town, Yanjin County, Xinxiang City, a large grower Yang Fengdong is planting wheat. In the past two years, when planting the wheat base in the village, high-quality varieties were uniformly selected and the grain yield was high. This year, Yang Fengdong continued to plant high-quality varieties. “There are more than 20 acres of land, all of which are Zhengmai 158, with high yield and lodging resistance. The yield is 1,300 jin per mu, which is an increase of 200 jin compared to previous years.”

Xiaowei Village implements the “Yanjin Model” of “leading enterprises + cooperatives + bases + farmers”. The wheat harvested every year is purchased by Henan Golden Grain Wheat Cooperative on orders, and the cooperative is responsible for “unified seed supply” and other services. According to Liu Chunyuan, manager of the cooperative, the wheat here is grown in accordance with the manufacturer’s production standards.

From wheat to flour, to the table of consumers with a wealth of food, relying on the establishment of batches of high-quality grain planting bases in Xiaowei Village, Yanjin County has built an industrial system of the whole industry chain from seed to table.

In the flour branch of Yanjin Wheat Industry Co., Ltd. of Yuliang Group, Yanjin County, the monthly sales volume of flour is thousands of tons, and one of them is special baking flour processed from local high-quality wheat. The company’s deputy general manager Yang Shuwei said that the small package of special flour is particularly popular and has won the “Double 11” sales champion of similar products for 7 consecutive years.

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Within a hundred meters, Henan Jingdu Smile Food Co., Ltd. is separated from the flour company. According to Chen Zhiyuan, the manager of the company’s administrative department, they focus on quick-frozen food, and half of the flour used in the six series of products comes from the flour company next door. “When we need flour, we call them and it will be delivered immediately. Now the daily production capacity of the production line has reached 60 or 70 tons, and the products are sold all over the country.” He said.

Up to now, Henan Province has 495 large-scale and flour processing enterprises with an annual output of 27.47 million tons. The production capacity of wheat flour, instant noodles, and quick-frozen rice noodles ranks first in the country. Henan Province, based on its rich and high-quality agricultural resources advantages, adheres to the “three chains with the same structure”, further promotes high-quality grain projects, vigorously develops the agricultural product processing industry, and realizes the processing level from the primary to the in-depth development, and the quality and efficiency continue to improve. (Reporter Li Ruofan)


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