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Grasp the work of drought prevention and drought relief to ensure the safety of drinking water and irrigation needs

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  China Water Resources Website News (Special correspondent Chen Shiqin correspondent Bong Yong Sung Zhong Min Da) On August 12, Zhang Yingchun, vice governor of Hunan Province, emphasized in the video conference on drought prevention and drought relief work in the province that all localities at all levels should be well prepared for major droughts, major droughts, and long-term droughts, and focus on drought and drought relief work. On the hands and shoulders, act quickly, consolidate the responsibility, and make every effort to ensure the safety of drinking water and agricultural irrigation needs of the residents.

Zhang Yingchun pointed out that the current drought situation in the province is becoming more and more serious, but the overall disaster situation is controllable. All levels and localities should strengthen their ideological understanding, and pay close attention to various drought prevention and drought relief work; strengthen classified implementation of policies, scientifically dispatch water sources according to the development of drought conditions and the needs of the masses for drinking water and irrigation; strengthen drinking water safety, take emergency water delivery and other methods, and give priority to guarantees Drinking water needs and safety of the masses; strengthen agricultural drought resistance to ensure irrigation needs and food security; strengthen water conservancy project scheduling, make medium and long-term water use plans and water allocation plans according to drought conditions, and scientifically dispatch various water projects; strengthen safety guarantees to ensure drinking water quality Safety and urban water supply safety; strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, each department performs its own duties and dispatches in a timely manner, and all localities strictly implement their territorial responsibilities, strive to take the initiative, and organize and implement all drought prevention and relief work in place.

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Source: China Water Resources News, August 18, 2022

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