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Gratitude: The Key to Prosperity and Happiness

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Gratitude: The Key to Prosperity and Happiness

“All the saviors of the world have used gratitude, because they all knew that gratitude was one of the highest expressions of love. They knew that when they expressed gratitude, they were living in exact accordance with the law. Why do you think Jesus said thank you before performing a miracle?”
Rhonda Byrne
The power

I consistently invite my readers to transform their negative thoughts into positive thoughts as the insurmountable key to achieving success, prosperity, health and happiness. It is clear that negative thoughts and feelings attract more negativity, but feeling gratitude pulls us towards the positive, since we cannot feel stressed and happy at the same time. In this regard, in the book The lost secret to attracting everything you wantJoe Vitale explains: “You can’t feel gratitude and negativity at the same time. Negativity must be dissolved.”

Gratitude has a great power that we do not imagine. Allow me, dear reader, to share with you some surprising transmutations, brought about by gratitude, that Rhonda Byrne outlines in her book The power:

I know thousands of people in the worst situations imaginable who have completely changed their lives through gratitude.. I know of miracles that have occurred in people’s health when there seemed to be no hope: defective kidneys that have regenerated, diseased hearts that have healed, sight restored, tumors that disappear, and bones that grow and rebuild.
I know of broken relationships that have become magnificent through gratitude: failed marriages fully restored, estranged family members who have been reconciled, parents who have transformed relationships with their children and adolescents, teachers who have changed students.
I have seen people who have been in total poverty become rich through gratitude: people who have turned around failed businesses and people with money problems all their lives who have created abundance. Someone even went from living on the streets to getting a job and a home in a week.
I know of people with depression who have taken a leap toward joy and a life full of accomplishments through gratitude..” (vignettes and bold are my own)

In summary, it can be said that gratitude is the key that opens the doors of prosperity and happiness. Therefore, looking for reasons to be grateful makes a person feel better; In fact, positive psychology has demonstrated this through numerous studies on the importance and treatment given to gratitude throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries. In the book Psychology of Gratitude. Integration of Positive and Humanistic Psychologyits author, Gloria Bernabé Valero, highlights that the specific interest in gratitude is progressively increasing and is given a more in-depth treatment, and specifies: “Although there is a progressive increase in the number of articles dealing with gratitude as the decades progress since the beginning of the 20th century, it is not until the 2000s that publications proliferate (N = 774), tripling those published since 1900 to 1990 (N = 291). Starting in the 1980s, the increase is very significant compared to previous decades, exceeding the figure of 700 jobs in the 2000s.

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In the prologue of this book (Psychology of Gratitude. Integration of Positive and Humanistic Psychology) Joaquín García-Alandete begins with the phrase of Marco Tulio Cicerón, who expressed: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the mother of all others.” If gratitude is essential to achieve success, prosperity, health and happiness, how is it defined? I share with you the definition used by Joaquín García-Alandete at the beginning of his intro: “Gratitude, from the Latin gratitūdo, «feeling that forces us to estimate the benefit or favor that has been done to us or wanted to be done, and to respond to it in some way», according to the RAE.” (own bold).

As you can read in the previous paragraph, gratitude is a feeling. Let us keep in mind that every time we feel grateful we are giving love; and, just as the poem describes Give and take that Khalil Gibran summarizes in his book The profit, everything we give we receive, whether we are thanking a person or feeling grateful for a car, a vacation, a sunset, a gift, a new house or an exciting occasion, we are giving love for those things and, therefore, we will receive back more joy, more health, more money, more phenomenal experiences, more incredible relationships, more opportunities. That is, we will receive more success, prosperity, health and happiness.

Living gratitude consciously and to the fullest changes our lives. Therefore, practicing gratitude daily allows us to discover a new and full life inside and outside of us. Ricardo Perret, in his book The power of gratitudeurges us to the following: “To put GRATITUDE into practice, start with yourself. Recognize the value of the experiences that have remained painful in your mind and find the positive in them, and then express all your GRATITUDE to them..”

I don’t know how easy or complicated it is for you, my dear reader, to practice gratitude, but you can. express gratitude for the rest of your life. Below I share an excerpt from the book Gratitude, from Louise L. Hay, who, supported by lessons from Shakti Gawain, writes the following:

It is relatively easy to feel gratitude when good things happen and our lives develop as we wish; Even in those moments we tend to take everything for granted. It is very good to take a few moments to express our gratitude and appreciation to other people, to the earth, to our higher power, to life.

It is much more difficult to express gratitude when we are going through a bad period or life is not going the way we think it should. At those times, we will most likely feel hurt, confused, or resentful, which is perfectly natural. Gratitude is the last thing we think about in those moments. There have been times in my life when I have felt a tremendous desire to raise my fist towards the Universe asking why it dealt me ​​that cruel blow.

Anyway, it’s interesting how after going through difficult times, when we look back we often see that there was something important and necessary about that experience. We may not see it until months or even years have passed, but eventually we realize that we learned an important lesson, our wisdom deepened, there was an awakening, or perhaps a new door opened for us as a result of the events that seemed so negative to us at the time.

We have all gone through adverse situations at some point in our lives in which we feel faint, but as time goes by we understand that they were necessary for our personal growth, to transcend as people by becoming aware of the lesson we should learn from such circumstances. difficult. Personally I have experienced it, but like Juanjo Fraile I was also able to experience what, in his book The Magic of Gratitude. How to activate the most powerful force you have to be happy and successfulwrites: “However, right there begins the Magic and this whole new experience, in the midst of the suffering of that occasion, life gave me a totally unexpected gift: I stopped ruminating thoughts and, by chance or instinct, I was able to focus on a beautiful emotion, a intense and positive feeling (that had nothing to do with the problem) that caused me immense joy and happiness. I still remember that emotion and, above all, what happened at that very moment: an infinite Gratitude was activated in my feelings towards those emotions that generated joy in me and made all the negative thoughts, anguish and fears that I suffered instantly disappear. It was incredible to realize at that moment something that changed my life: that, if I managed to have a beautiful and happy emotion, if I managed to feel it intensely, negative thoughts, fears, tensions and burdens would disappear. But it doesn’t end there: just when the emotion eliminated the negative thoughts, in that moment, the feeling of Gratitude to that emotion and its drivers was truly immense..”

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I invite you to fill yourself with gratitude, this is a powerful feeling, as if by magic everything changes for the better in our lives. Put it to the test right now. Rhonda Byrne urges us to do this exercise: “Think of someone or something you feel gratitude for. You can choose the person you love more than anyone else in the world. Focus on that person and think about all the things you love about them and are grateful for. Then, mentally or out loud, tell that person all the things you love about them and are grateful for, as if they were right next to you. Tell her all the reasons why you love her. You can remember specific instances or moments by saying, “Remember that time when…”, and as you do, feel gratitude begin to fill your heart and body. The love you gave in that simple exercise must return to you in the relationship, and also in your entire life. That’s how easy it is to give love through gratitude.

The entire process of mental adjustment and harmonization can be summarized in a single word: Gratitude. To have success, prosperity and health you must believe, first of all, that there is a Higher Force, a God, from which all things come; believe, as a second step, that this Superior Force or God grants us everything we desire; and, thirdly, let us feel immense and deep gratitude for receiving what we long for.

In the book The Science of Getting Rich Wallace Wattles states the following: “It is easy to understand that the closer we live to the source of wealth, the more wealth we will receive and it is also easy to understand that the soul, which is always grateful, lives in closer contact with God than the one who never seeks Him in the recognition of gratitude. The more we set our minds on gratitude to the supreme, when good things come to us, the more things we will receive and the faster they will come to us. And the reason is simply; that the mental attitude of gratitude brings the mind into close contact with the source from which blessings come.” By filling ourselves with gratitude we make the greatest contribution to building a better world.

By: Carlos Rafael Melo Freyle

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