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Gravina in Puglia against James Bond: “In the credits of ‘No time to die’ the city is not mentioned. Agreements not respected”

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“The promotion in the world of Gravina and its bridge through James Bond continues. It is just a pity that the written agreements that required the mention of our city also in the credits were not respected: we will act in every location to obtain compliance with the commitments”.

007 is already in action in Puglia: a thrilling jump from the bridge over the ravine. Filming of ‘No time to die’ kicks off

The mayor of Gravina in Puglia, Alesio Valente, has “already given a mandate to the legal office of the Municipality to contact Lotus Production srl”, the company that of the last film of the 007 saga, No Time to die, he oversaw the executive production for Italy, “to complain about the failure to comply with the agreements signed with the Municipality. In Gravina, and in particular on its characteristic and ancient bridge, one of the action scenes of the film was shot.

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by Anna Puricella

“At point ‘9A’ – explains Valente – it was expressly written that the production company undertook to mention the city of Gravina in the thanks for the credits. Unfortunately Gravina is not there. Of course, it is little compared to the echo that is having our bridge and its beauty, which is enchanting the whole world, as evidenced also by the fact that the photos of our bridge have been included in the book On the tracks of 007 on the places where the film was shot around the world, but the administration did a lot to get that production company to choose Gravina “.

The Gravina bridge is one of the Places of the heart of Fai: over 25 thousand votes for the monument chosen by 007

by Gilda Camero

A commitment sanctioned by a formal agreement that has not been respected. I hope it was just an oversight, but the mayor – concludes Valente – has the duty to say things as they are and if there is any benefit to be welcomed in the interest of the city, we will do so “.


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