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Great Britain: Bankruptcy for Sunak and his Conservatives

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Great Britain: Bankruptcy for Sunak and his Conservatives

In Great Britain, the conservative Tories led by Prime Minister Sunak suffered a serious defeat just a few months before the general election.

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative party has again suffered major defeats in two parliamentary by-elections. The Tories lost the constituencies of Wellingborough in central England and Kingswood in the west of England to the social democratic opposition Labor Party, despite having had a large lead in each case.

This means that the Conservatives have already lost six seats in by-elections this legislative period – more than ever since the Second World War.

The British general election is coming up in 2024. In polls, Prime Minister Sunak is well behind the opposition Labor Party.09.01.2024 | 2:16 minutes

Historic crash – Tories see warning shot

The by-election results showed people demanded change after 14 years of Tory government, Labor leader Keir Starmer said. Tory deputy general secretary James Daly spoke of a warning shot. The bankruptcy in Wellingborough in particular is historic: the Conservatives lost 37.6 percentage points compared to the previous election, the second-highest loss for a British party since 1945.

The by-election was made necessary because Tory MP Peter Bone was recalled over allegations of bullying and sexual harassment, which he denies. In Kingswood, the previous Tory representative Chris Skidmore resigned in protest against Sunak’s environmental and energy policies.

Four years after Brexit, there is little of the partial euphoria left: many Brits are poorer, the economy is complaining about hurdles.01/31/2024 | 2:32 minutes

Right-wing party Reform UK achieves record results

The Conservatives are also concerned about the strong performance of the right-wing Reform UK party, the former Brexit Party. She came from a standing start to her record result of 13 percent in Wellingborough and most likely got most of her votes from disappointed Tory voters.

This puts pressure on Sunak to change course. For some time now, there have been calls among the Tories to move the party more towards the right-wing camp.

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The populists convinced the British to accept Brexit with lies, enemy images and radical ideas.01/30/2024 | 12:33 minutes

Britain slipped into recession

Sunak is also struggling with a weakening economy. According to data on Thursday, the economy slipped into recession in the second half of 2023. The former investment banker has made stimulating the economy the focus of his government work.

Source: dpa, Reuters

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