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Green pass: 250 in the square in Ancona

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Peaceful demonstration, microphone also to the vaccinated

(ANSA) – ANCONA, 07 NOV – Only Italian flags and a microphone to give the floor to everyone, even the vaccinated. It is the peaceful demonstration in Piazza Cavour of the Coordination From this morning at 10, in Piazza Cavour, in Ancona, a demonstration of the Marche Coordination, contrary to the green pass, has been taking place, which for the first time has organized a unitary demonstration of the provinces of the region adhering to the movement that has no party color, the organizers reiterated, defining themselves as autonomous. The initiative gathered about 250 people, despite a few drops of rain, until 13:30. Announced a weekly frequency of the initiative, each time in a different square of the Marche. The protesters, without masks, listened to the stories of various citizens who have chosen to be suspended from work in order not to give in “to the dictatorship of the Green pass”. Among these also a professor from Rimini, at home from the beginning of the school. “I’m not interested in fascist cards – said the teacher – I don’t know what a qr-code is”.

Franco Fracassi, “reporter expert in geopolitics and communication”, was also invited to the event, speaking about fear. “A theme that represents what we are experiencing – he said -, fear paralyzes us and does not make us think. I do not know if vaccines work, I have the Green pass, but I fear what can happen if the green certificate becomes a stable mechanism that limits freedom over time. A Trojan horse for other things, in fact it is managed by the Ministry of Economy and not that of Health “.

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The security device by the Police Headquarters is discreet.

Among the banners, however, there is also one against “traitor” journalists. (HANDLE).

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