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Green pass at work, stress test passed. Boom of tampons in the pharmacy

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Italy passed the first Monday test of the compulsory Green pass at work, after last Friday’s debut. No accidents, nor significant repercussions on the operation of offices, companies and services. With the exception of the port of Trieste where there were clashes between the demonstrators who guarded Gate 4 and the police forces, who then cleared the area with fire hydrants and tear gas, while a demonstration blocked the port of Ravenna for a few hours.

The situation in the PA is under control

The survey by the Department of Public Administration on a sample of administrations – ministries, agencies, Regions, local authorities, universities, hospitals and Asl – signaled a regular start to the week for the Public Administration as regards access with the green pass and return in the presence of public employees.

Queues at the pharmacy for quick swabs

The resumption of the first doses of vaccinations is going hand in hand with a surge in tampons in the pharmacy. According to the data recorded on the official website of the government, the green certifications issued by means of a negative buffer were 914 thousand on Monday 18 October: a record figure (there were 653 thousand on Friday 15 October, the debut day of the mandatory green pass at work. ). Numerous cases of files in front of pharmacies throughout Italy. In Turin, in the San Salvario district, even the police had to intervene because the people in line – about a hundred – created inconvenience to traffic. But even in this case the system seems to hold up. Also because the pharmacies in the area that carry out rapid tests are growing day by day.

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INPS, 152,780 patients: + 14.6% on last Monday

However, a significant increase in sickness certificates should also be noted. On Monday 18 October, INPS received 152,780 to 133,270 on the previous Monday, with an increase of 14.6%.

Government target: 90% vaccinated over 12

Meanwhile, Commissioner Figliuolo stresses that the measures on the green pass will probably be relaxed by the government when 90% of the vaccinated population is reached. Currently, according to official data reported by Lab24, we are 81.4% of over 12 fully vaccinated and 86.7% partially protected with one dose.

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