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Green Pass decree, today the vote in the Senate

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ROME. The Senate Chamber’s examination of the decree law on the Green Pass, approved last Thursday by the House, has been postponed to tomorrow morning at 9.30. The exam was scheduled for this afternoon. The postponement is due to the fact that the Constitutional Affairs Commission began today the examination of the provision on which 103 amendments were presented. The law decree must be converted into law by 21 September.

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None of the amendments have been presented by the League, while the majority groups have registered 3 by Fi. This was reported by the speaker Sandro Ruotolo. The other proposed amendments were filed by FdI (42) and by L’Alternativa c’e (58). There are also 31 agendas, including 2 from Fi, 15 from Fdi, 12 from Lega, 1 from M5s and 1 from mixed group. The committee will start examining and voting on the amendments at 4 pm.

Here are the arguments of the amendments presented by Senators Crucioli, Granato, Angrisani and Corrado: no to the limitations set by the green pass for children under 18, quick antigenic salivary tests to obtain the Green Pass, free tampons for adults up to a maximum of 20 a year. In schools and universities, Green Pass with pads valid for 5 days instead of the current two. Again: repeal of the sanctions against the managers of places and services for deficiencies in the Green Pass checks, green certification lasting three months by the attending physician after a serological test that proves the existence of contraindicating or risk factors for the vaccine. With recovery from the disease Green pass valid for 12 months and no vaccine required.

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“There is an alternative” also asks that the green certificate be acquired even with rapid salivary tests and in any case no vaccine required for those who already have adequate antibody protection. And finally – concludes the press release – Green Pass abolished in the white area for fairs, congresses, public competitions, gyms, wellness centers, museums, exhibitions and culture areas that already have a fixed maximum number of entrances, and above all indoor catering services .

The League will not instead present amendments to the decree, but only the agendas already approved by the Chamber. This is what is learned from the party’s parliamentary sources.

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