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Green pass, dpcm: checks no later than 48 hours in advance. The employer will not be able to keep the QR code

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Green Pass controls “to meet specific organizational needs, such as those deriving from work activities carried out on the basis of shifts, or connected to the provision of essential services, the persons in charge of the verification” can “request it from workers “with the strictly necessary advance and in any case not exceeding 48 hours, this also in relation to the obligations of loyalty and collaboration deriving from the employment relationship”, according to what is contained in the draft of the dpcm that regulates the control of the Green Pass on the places of work in which it is also specified that the Health Card system “acquires, through a special online form, made available on the national portal of the” Green Pass Platform, “the data relating to vaccinations carried out abroad by Italian citizens and their cohabiting family members as well as by subjects enrolled in the National Health Service who request the issuance of the Covid-19 green certification in I Italy to have access to services and activities “, including work, for which certification is required.

How to download the Green Pass: on the mobile phone, on the Io app and on Immuni

by Alessandra Ziniti

In addition, it is specified that “it is explicitly forbidden to keep the two-dimensional barcode (QR code) of the Covid-19 green certifications subject to verification, as well as to extract, consult, record or otherwise process for purposes other than those provided” information detected by reading the QR code and the information provided as a result of the checks.

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