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Green Pass, skip the 48 hour limit for checks

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Employers, both public and private, will be able to request the verification of the certificate in advance based on organizational needs – for example for shift activities: however, jump from the final text of the Dpcm with the guidelines on the verification of the Green Pass at work , published on the Palazzo Chigi website, the forecast of the limit of 48 hours in advance within which to request the verification of the certificate.

Green pass, Draghi signs dpcm for the workplace. In companies, checks no later than 48 hours in advance

by Michele Bocci, Viola Giannoli

In recent days, the law provided for the possibility for employers to check the Green Pass in advance, but no more than 48 before the employee’s entry into service.

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi, he explained that he had asked the government about the Green Pas “to evaluate the opportunity to further reduce the costs of tampons and to support business and work on the issue of health and safety. The Council assured us that in the next few hours the government will also decide on possible initiatives in this sense “.


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