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Green pass, the principals of Canavese: “More clarity for the school, risk of legal clashes”

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Prof and Ata vaccinated or suspended after 5 days, principals required to enforce the obligation The doubts of Canavese managers. Bongianino: “Then send the public force”

IVREA. It is the practical problems, the moment in which we pass from theory to the operational phase, that worry the principals of the Canavese high schools a few hours after the new decree that dictates the line for returning to class on 13 September.

The substantial novelty lies in the obligation of the Green pass for teachers and Ata staff to which is added the obligation of checks by school managers. In summary, teachers without a Green pass will not be able to work; those who will not be able to show it will be considered absent unjustified and suspended after 5 days (and will lose their salary), while for the principals who do not monitor compliance with this obligation, penalties ranging from 400 to one thousand euros will be triggered. For students, on the other hand, there is currently no compulsory vaccine requirement. Nationally, school unions are on a war footing. And in Canavese, how do those on whom the burden of controls fall directly on accepting the novelty? “I tell you where the problem lies – begins Alessandra Bongianino of Iis Olivetti, Ivrea – or they send me the public force or tell me how I can enforce the vaccine obligation, asking professors and staff, with us around 160 people, who show proof of the swab at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise they risk being suspended. Are we joking? We need the public force or authorized personnel to carry out certain types of checks, for other things concerning sensitive data ». It is “a responsibility that cannot be handed over to us under current conditions”.

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From Olivetti to Liceo Botta, also in Ivrea, directed by Lucia Mongiano for whom it must be a compulsory Green pass. And he says it in Latin. «Dura lex sed lex, in the sense that we will do what needs to be done – he explains -. I think we won’t have any major problems: our staff are almost all vaccinated. But I still have to carefully read the text of the decree, I know that there is talk of sanctions and other aspects that will need to be investigated ». With regard to school staff, the official numbers at the end of July photographed a Piedmont where 87 percent of the potential audience had joined the vaccination campaign. But there is the Green pass effect in force since last Friday to be taken into account.

From 13 September 119 teachers and about thirty administrative staff, janitors and technicians will take up their duties at the Cena di Ivrea institute. Thus the headmaster Enrico Bruno: «I am very much in favor of the vaccine, I want to highlight this. Very happy there is, but I would have preferred it to be mandatory for everyone. Why one category yes and the other no? Right that, if I go to the restaurant, as a customer I am asked for the Green pass, but why can’t I, the customer, know that whoever handles my food is also vaccinated? In this way, and I restrict the discourse, the responsibility for the checks on the school staff falls on us ». Enrico Bruno refers to the thorny problem of privacy. “How can the principals carry out these checks without harming you?” – he asks himself – An idea, like others haveor already said, it is that we provide the ASL with the list of staff and the ASL gives us the update on the status of everyone’s vaccinations. In short, I expect the Ministry to clarify the various operational steps. Otherwise every school risks entering a vortex of disputes from which it no longer emerges ».

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Alberto Focilla of the Moro high school in Rivarolo takes a step further: «I don’t worry about operations; they give us an app like restaurateurs and that’s it. The first day we check the Green Pass and for a few months we are good. The important thing, however, is that the disputes that could derive from it are not put in charge of the individual institutes “.

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