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Greens still have not defined a candidate for the presidency of the Senate

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Greens still have not defined a candidate for the presidency of the Senate

ONE WEEK away from the start of the second legislature, the country continues to wait to find out who will occupy the presidency of Congress. After the political agreements, the presidency of the Senate corresponds to the Green Alliance, with the power to put together the legislative agenda and the agenda of the projects that will be discussed and those that will not be discussed in plenary.

According to what Senator Angélica Lozano told EL NUEVO SIGLO on June 27, the 13 senators that make up the party and their coalitions would meet in the first week of July to define the candidate for the presidency of the Senate.

At that time, the senator stated that by then the candidates would be her and Senator Inti Asprilla. However, a high-ranking source from EL NUEVO SIGLO confirmed that Iván Name and Ariel Ávila joined the contest, who weeks ago had given up his claim.

Likewise, from the Party’s press office they confirmed to this Medium that next Tuesday, June 18, with only 2 days left to start the new legislature, a new meeting of the bench will be held to define the candidate.

In the next legislature, the first vice-presidency of the Senate of the Republic corresponds to the coalition of the Historical Pact, according to the agreements that the majority parties agreed to at the beginning of this Congress.

The names of Martha Isabel Peralta Epieyú, Aída Yolanda Avella Esquivel, Clara López Obregón and Wilson Arias are ringing for the position.

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For the coalition of the Historical Pact, it is key to maintain the presidency and the first vice-presidency of the plenary of the Senate of the Republic in the next legislature, taking into account that the process of the great reforms presented by the national government, health, labor and pensions, continues. .

President Gustavo Petro also announced that in the second half of this year the national government will file the reform of education law 30, the project on small-scale mining and public services; as well as the project that adjusts the law of victims.

Voting for the Green Consultation

With a large influx of Bogota citizens, the Green Consultation was carried out, in which more than 370 applicants participated in 18 locations in the country’s capital. The day began at 8 in the morning with 246 polling stations installed and the presence of electoral witnesses and voting juries.

Compared to the election day scheduled by the National Registry with national resources, and in which the Liberal Party participated with a result of 68,861 votes and the Democratic Center with 48,837 votes, the Green Alliance Party with its own resources, obtained by far a great support of the citizenship; taking into account that on this occasion they did not consult in the towns of Tunjuelito and Sumapaz.

The election of those who will integrate the lists to the JAL in Bogotá for the Green is a fact. Bogota was painted green in 18 of the 20 localities, in which 246 polling stations were arranged and in which 370 pre-candidates participated through ballot to obtain the Green Endorsement and participate in the regional elections on October 29 .

It is important to point out that, at the end of the day, the electoral witnesses and the voting juries prepared to count the votes and destroy the material that was left over, with the aim that the National Registrar’s Office, headed by the auxiliary registrars, will carry out the counting of the vote officially.

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This is the result by locality that is reflected so far:

The town with the most votes was Fontibón with 9,029 votes, followed by Kennedy with 7,838, Ciudad Bolívar with 7,176, Engativá with 7,015, Usme with 6,657, Suba with 6,605, Bosa with 5,829, Rafael Uribe with 5,693, Usaquén with 4,630, Santa Fe with 4,184, Puente Aranda with 3,738, San Cristóbal with 3,719, Teusaquillo with 3,066, La Candelaria with 2,512, Barrios Unidos with 2,374, Antonio Nariño with 2,267, Chapinero with 1,964 and Los Mártires with 1,783.

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