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Gronda di Genova, memorandum of understanding signed: “lot zero” to start within the year

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Gronda di Genova, memorandum of understanding signed: “lot zero” to start within the year

Signed the memorandum of understanding for the construction of the Gronda di Genova, the doubling of the A10 motorway, in the section affected by the collapse of the Morandi bridge, through a series of tunnels and viaducts. Aspi defines the intervention as the largest excavation in Europe. The agreement was signed by Matteo Salvini, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region, Marco Bucci, Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Genoa, Paolo Emilio Signorini, President of the Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea and Roberto Tomasi, CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia which will completely finance the work worth 4.6 billion euros. Among others present at the signing ceremony were the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Edoardo Rixi, the Prefect of Genoa Renato Franceschelli and the CEO of Ferrovie Luigi Ferraris

Salvini: defeat professionals of the no

«Opening a construction site means creating work for me, the mission that we have given ourselves in my ministry for the next 5 years is to tear down walls, build bridges and defeat the professionals of the no, Italy cannot afford to be their hostage, even in drafting the new Procurement Code we will take this into account, it is right to listen to and involve everyone, the public debate but at a certain point it is necessary to take the burden and the honor of deciding» said the Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini. “It is not possible for an administrative court to block a country, for there to be appeals and counter appeals, and more for engineers to get lawyers to work,” he added.

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In the morning, the minister visited the construction sites of the Third Pass, the Genoa-Milan high-speed railway, on the occasion of the celebration of Santa Barbara, protector of miners. «It is the most exciting day in these first 43 days in the ministry. The Third Pass is not just an infrastructure, it is a divine and human work of art, a sculpture, another miracle of Italian engineering» said Salvini.

Off to lot zero within the year

After the signing of the memorandum of understanding, explained the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Edoardo Rixi a few days ago, the government’s intention is to start the “zero lot” before the end of the year, which includes the preparation of the construction site and the to transport the resulting material from Bolzaneto to the calm channel of the Genoa airport, through the Polcevera. “Within 40 days the Superior Council of Public Works will have to express itself to start lot 1, the excavation of the tunnel will start simultaneously from Bolzaneto and Vesima”.

Toti: Government changes pace compared to the previous one

«For us, the Gronda is a fundamental work and it must start as soon as possible. I hope that the new government will really change pace compared to what has happened up to now, and the fact that Minister Salvini is here today is a good omen,” said the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti

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