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Großröhrsdorf arsonist sentenced to nine years in prison

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Großröhrsdorf arsonist sentenced to nine years in prison

The defendant denies the crime

While the defendant initially admitted the crime during police interrogation, he retracted his confession during the trial. On Tuesday he commented on the accusation again: “I admit that I was there. But I wouldn’t dream of setting fire to a place of worship,” said the now convicted man.

The baroque church building from the 18th century was almost completely destroyed. The material damage is now estimated at around 35 million euros.

It was decided to build a new church

The church council in Großröhrsdorf decided to build another church just a few weeks after the fire. The insurance should cover the costs. Details are still being discussed. In addition, around 620,000 euros in donations have been received so far for community tasks relating to the church (as of February 26th). The fire ruins were only secured with an emergency roof in January.

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