Home News Gualtieri launches the waste-to-energy project. Conte: “Never in Rome”

Gualtieri launches the waste-to-energy project. Conte: “Never in Rome”

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Gualtieri launches the waste-to-energy project.  Conte: “Never in Rome”

A year after his election and the mayor of Rome tries to sum up. The mayor of the capital, Roberto Gualtieri, during an event at the Auditorium Parco della Musica presented his report to the city of the first 12 months of the council: 593 acts of the Council and 108 resolutions of the Assembly that today the mayor has blacked out white in front of his guests. The watchword is “restart” because “the city has started up again, on an economic, social and cultural level: a remarkable restart if we keep in mind that Covid has hit a tried and worn city”.

Waste-to-energy plant, construction site in 2023

First project, which consumes the clash with Conte and distinguishes with the Lazio Region, the waste-to-energy plant to solve the waste issue: construction site in 2023 also because “the city is cleaner but not as it should be”. Many projects and results such as the complete and widespread coverage of the city with 5G “capable of supporting the enhancement of video surveillance systems” and the full “digitization of services”. Then the increase in funds on school, social and investment.

Next Generation Roma

The emphasis is also on the work done to access funds from the NRRR, the Jubilee, European, national and Rome Capital that will lead to the “transformation of the city”. For Gualtieri, however, the great result is Next Generation Rome, a plan that defines and plans “over the course of the council more than 10 billion in investments, to which about 2 billion must be added through public and private partnerships”.

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Calenda’s challenge

There are also several objectives still to be achieved, and “the admission of guilt” on what does not work with sectors, first of all cleaning, “in which we are still under sufficiency”. Action leader Carlo Calenda will certainly focus on the demerits in a press conference scheduled for tomorrow. The former challenger of Gualtieri in the last administrative session, has called a counter-conference in the Senate where, together with the municipal councilors of the Calenda list, Flavia De Gregorio, Dario Nanni and Francesco Carpano, he will draw up the sums, from opposition, of this year. The main accusation of the Capitoline group of Action is that Gualtieri is “a mayor that the Romans do not hear, in words and deeds”. And tomorrow farewell also for Zingaretti who will resign between 10 and 11 November: he too will sum up, but his farewell will be a farewell.

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