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Guangxi has taken multiple measures to help enterprises bail out, and is expected to issue 1.22 billion yuan in stable job rebates in 2022_Unemployment_Enterprise_Personnel

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Original title: Guangxi has taken multiple measures to help enterprises bail out in 2022, and is expected to issue 1.22 billion yuan in return for stable jobs

CNR.net Nanning, May 28 (Reporter Huang Yuefen Correspondent Li Sufang) Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Finance Department, and the State Administration of Taxation Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau jointly issued the “On Doing a Good Job in Stability of Unemployment Insurance”. “Notice on Improving Job Skills to Prevent Unemployment” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), focusing on helping enterprises to bail out, improving the skills of insured personnel, stabilizing employment and protecting people’s livelihood, and proposed six items of “return, lower, slow, expand, retain, and guarantee” action. In 2022, Guangxi is expected to issue 1.22 billion yuan in post-stabilization rebates, benefiting 2.7898 million employees.

The “Notice” clarifies that the six measures are as follows:

“Return” funds to stabilize jobs to help companies stabilize jobs. Large enterprises will refund 30% of the unemployment insurance premiums actually paid by the enterprise and its employees in the previous year. In the handling process, the “free application and enjoyment” handling mode is implemented. Eligible enterprises do not need to apply, and the return funds will be directly returned to their corporate accounts or social insurance premium payment accounts.

“Reduce” rates to help companies reduce labor costs. Continue to implement the phased reduction of unemployment and work-related injury insurance rates until the end of April 2023.

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“Slow down” social security premiums to help the poor industries tide over the difficulties. The policy of deferred payment of social insurance premiums will be implemented in stages for the five types of destitute industries of catering, retail, tourism, civil aviation, and road, water, and railway transportation. Among them, the period of deferred payment of basic endowment insurance premiums for enterprise employees is from April to June 2022, and the period of deferred payment of unemployment insurance premiums and work-related injury insurance premiums is from April 2022 to March 2023.

“Expand” the scope of the large-scale skill improvement subsidy to help insured personnel improve their skills. Expand the scope of skill improvement subsidies to those who receive unemployment insurance benefits and employees who have participated in unemployment insurance for more than one year. Those who have obtained vocational qualification certificates or vocational skill level certificates can apply for skill improvement subsidies.

“Stay” workers training subsidies to help enterprises tide over the epidemic. Counties (cities, districts) that have accumulated one or more medium- and high-risk epidemic areas, and small, medium and micro enterprises participating in the insurance that are temporarily unable to produce and operate due to the severe impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic can enjoy the standard of 500 yuan per insured employee once. Sexual work allowance.

“Guarantee” the basic living of the unemployed. For the newly insured unemployed persons who have not yet been employed after receiving unemployment insurance benefits or do not meet the conditions for receiving unemployment insurance benefits this year, continue to implement the expansion policy of unemployment insurance coverage, issue unemployment subsidies, and ensure their basic living.

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It is reported that in 2022, Guangxi will issue 1.221 billion yuan of post-stabilization return funds to 129,500 enterprises, helping stabilize 2,789,800 employees. From January to April 2022, Guangxi reduced unemployment and work-related injury social insurance premiums by a total of 1.166 billion yuan, and it is expected that the annual reduction will exceed 2 billion yuan.Return to Sohu, see more


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