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Guangzhou High School Admissions: 1,478 Special Students and 1,777 Self-Enrolled Students Admitted in First Batch

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First Batch of Admissions Results Announced for Guangzhou Senior High School Entrance Examination

Guangzhou, China – The results of the first batch of admissions for the Guangzhou senior high school entrance examination have been released, with 1,478 special students and 1,777 self-enrolled students gaining admission.

The Guangzhou high school entrance examination is a highly anticipated event for students and parents alike. On July 12, the first batch of admission results for the 2023 examination were announced, providing clarity on the admission process for thousands of students.

In the first batch, the minimum admission score for registered students of Guangzhou Foreign Language School was set at 741 points. The number of students enrolled in the first batch of plans has steadily increased, totaling 4,635 students. This includes students enrolled under special senior high school categories, self-enrolled students, foreign language and art students, as well as students from Hong Kong and Macao.

Among the special category admissions, 1,478 students were enrolled in 41 special projects across 105 ordinary high schools in Guangzhou. This includes 753 students in sports projects and 725 students in art projects. The recruitment of specialty students encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including football, track and field, table tennis, dance, art, and traditional cultural categories such as Peking Opera, Cantonese Opera, martial arts, calligraphy, and paper-cutting.

For self-enrollment, 38 schools accepted a total of 1,777 students, achieving a plan completion rate of 98.5%. Of these schools, 36 achieved a 100% plan completion rate, offering students with specialized subjects or innovative potential an ideal environment for their learning and development. These schools aim to become distinguished demonstration high schools in humanities, mathematics, science, and technology.

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Foreign language and art general high school admissions had a plan completion rate of 94.7%, while the admissions process for children from Hong Kong and Macau saw a 100% plan completion rate. This increase in supply further strengthens the educational landscape and talent pool of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. The Guangzhou Foreign Language School required a minimum admission score of 741 points.

Additionally, Guangzhou has been promoting the admission of key characteristic majors in secondary vocational schools and those above the provincial level. This initiative aligns with the city’s strategy of “building a province in the manufacturing industry” and aims to cultivate more high-quality technical talents and skilled craftsmen. Notably, 65 majors across various vocational schools were able to achieve a 100% enrollment rate, including programs in nursing, Chinese cooking, e-commerce, animation and game design, application of Internet of Things technology, and computer network technology.

According to the admission regulations, for ordinary high schools that arrange enrollment plans in multiple batches, the enrollment plans for specialty students, independent enrollment plans, and foreign language and art enrollment plans that haven’t been completed will be merged into the third or fourth batch of the school’s plan. The Guangzhou Admissions and Examination Office will notify admitted candidates of their acceptance via text message and can also check their admission result through the WeChat public account of “Guangzhou Recruitment.”

The Guangzhou Admissions and Examination Office reminds admitted candidates to register on time. Failure to do so before the deadline will result in the automatic forfeiture of their admission qualifications, and the admission school will cancel their results without retaining their degrees. Candidates admitted to ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools in the third and second divisions, as well as key specialty majors above the provincial level, are ineligible to participate in supplementary enrollment regardless of their registration status.

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These admissions results mark an important milestone for students and signify the beginning of their high school journey. With their future secure, students can now prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as they continue their education in Guangzhou’s esteemed educational institutions.

Editor: Wu Jiahong

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