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Guangzhou releases 4 “Kapok Buses” to create a mobile “Kapok School” – China News Network – China News Network

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Guangzhou, China – The city of Guangzhou has recently launched four “Kapok buses” as part of a mobile “Kapok school” initiative aimed at promoting the cultural significance of the kapok tree. The buses will serve as a traveling exhibition showcasing the beauty and importance of the kapok tree, known as the city tree of Guangzhou.

In addition, the city is gearing up for the upcoming “Red Cotton Poetry Festival” in March, known as the “City of Reading.” The festival will celebrate the rich literary heritage of Guangzhou and pay tribute to the famous red cotton trees that line the city’s streets.

Meanwhile, thousands of drones lit up the night sky of Guangzhou in a spectacular display, highlighting the theme of “Heroes Blooming Hero City.” The drones formed intricate patterns and messages in the sky, honoring the heroic spirit of the city.

In a more traditional display of beauty, the annual “kapok king” exhibition at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou is drawing crowds with its stunning display of 80,000 kapok buds in full bloom.

Lastly, the lanterns on both sides of the Pearl River are adorned with red cotton, symbolizing the spirit of heroism in the city. The “Heroes Flowers Bloom in Heroes City” themed light and shadow show is captivating visitors along the riverbanks, showcasing the rich culture and history of Guangzhou.

These events and initiatives highlight Guangzhou’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and promoting a sense of pride and community among its residents.

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