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Guessing lantern riddles and cutting window grilles on New Year’s Day in Beijing parks is full of New Year’s Eve_China Economic Net——National Economic Portal

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China News Service, Beijing, January 22 (Xu Jing) The 22nd is the first day of the Lunar New Year and the second day of the Spring Festival holiday. The reporter learned from the Beijing Landscaping Bureau that the city’s parks received a total of 332,000 tourists that day. There are 14,599 employees in the city’s parks, and the overall operation of the parks is stable and orderly.

Folk custom interaction sends holiday blessings

According to the Beijing Municipal Park Management Center, on the 22nd, 158,800 tourists visited Beijing’s municipal parks and felt a strong festive atmosphere in activities such as folklore interaction and flower viewing.

A number of municipal parks in Beijing carried out the “Blessing” activities. Through folk interactive activities such as sending Spring Festival couplets, guessing lantern riddles, cutting window grilles, and making lanterns, citizens and tourists can experience the Spring Festival culture in the parks and have a prosperous and warm year. .

On the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, Temple of Heaven Park carried out a New Year’s blessing event in the inner square of the North Gate, offering holiday greetings and New Year blessings to tourists while sending blessings; Beihai Park sent 200 Wenchuang blessings to tourists in the Chanfu Temple ; Zhongshan Park invites tourists to participate in folk experience activities such as cutting window grilles, writing blessings, and making lanterns in Nanmen Square, and at the same time distributes “Nine Nine Cold Dispelling Pictures” to tourists.

At the Wanchun Pavilion in Jingshan Park, tourists write their New Year messages on blessing strips and plaques to make a good start; in the plant cultural and creative store at the southeast gate of the National Botanical Garden, the New Year blessing activities of guessing lantern riddles and sending couplets are in full swing. During the festival There will also be folk activities such as hand-made lanterns; Beijing Zoo will carry out the “Jade Rabbit Blessings in the New Year” activity at the main gate square, drawing lucky families to send New Year blessings to tourists and distribute New Year gifts; Taoranting Park not only has window grille cutting On-site experience activities, and at the ice and snow event site, there are also folk activities full of New Year flavors such as handwriting blessings and giving away bunny pendants, inviting tourists to take home full of blessings.

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Zizhuyuan Park invites tourists to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit through activities such as “engraving blessings” and “writing your New Year blessings”; There are five sections: blessing, folk quiz, popular science interaction, civilized garden tour and fun experience, presenting blessing characters and the mascot of the Year of the Rabbit to tourists. In addition, the Summer Palace, Xiangshan Park, and China Garden Museum also carried out “blessing” activities on the morning of the first day of the new year. Xiangshan Park rings the big bells of the two temple bell towers of Xiangshan Temple and Biyun Temple, one south and one north, and through the bells, auspicious blessings are transmitted to the distance.

Various flower shows “lead” the Spring Festival activities

In terms of exhibitions, the Summer Palace’s “Proud Fragrance” Plum Blossom and Wintersweet Welcoming the New Year Cultural Exhibition, Zhongshan Park’s “Four Seasons Fragrance” Spring Orchid Exhibition and Beijing Celebrity Famous Orchid Exhibition, “Jade Rabbit Welcomes Spring” Traditional Boutique Flower Exhibition, Xiangshan Park “Biyun Tibetan Spring Year There are ‘fish’ in the year” – Biyun Temple Bonsai Flower Exhibition, “Flower Fragrance and Music Rhyme Jade Rabbit Presents Prosperity” – Xiangshan Park Spring Festival Flower Art Exhibition and the first orchid exhibition in the National Botanical Garden “lead” the Spring Festival activities in municipal parks, attracting citizens and tourists to “watch Flower View”.

In addition, new exhibitions in municipal parks such as “The Jade Rabbit Welcomes the Spring – Chao Gu and Shu Nairen Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” in Zizhuyuan Park, and the exhibition “Extreme Realm – Entering the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” in the China Garden Museum are also being held. Visitors can also go to the Summer Palace, Beihai Park, Taoranting Park, Zizhuyuan Park, and Yuyuantan Park to experience the fun of ice and snow sports.

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During the holiday, all cadres and workers of the municipal parks, the National Botanical Garden and the Chinese Garden Museum will stick to their posts and strengthen the guidance of garden tour services during the festival. The park gate area carries out voluntary service work such as voluntary explanations, orderly guidance for tourists, and advocacy of civilized garden visits to ensure that tourists and citizens can visit the park safely and orderly during the holidays.

Warm reminder from the Beijing Municipal Park Management Center: Municipal parks, the National Botanical Garden and the Chinese Garden Museum will hold many popular science interactive activities during the Spring Festival. Citizens and tourists can follow the parks’ Weibo and WeChat public accounts for more details. During the holidays, the temperature is low, so tourists should keep warm when visiting the park, so as to spend the happy and auspicious Spring Festival together.

(Editor in charge: Feng Hu)

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