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Guests at your table – breaking latest news

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Guests at your table – breaking latest news

Mr. Milko René Torres

The Word of God is a source of hope, joy and life. Israelite prophecy, in the case of Isaiah, transmits beautiful songs to the only God who saves. The prophetic word calls to enter a new story: “Here is our God… It is the Lord in whom we wait.” The Lord has prepared a feast of succulent delicacies, refined wines. We are invited to his table.

To joy and peace. Far from the turbulence we travel towards the new Jerusalem. Isaiah is a man of God, with a defined vocation, just like Paul. This Apostle always gives thanks for all the benefits received, and for those moments in which he suffered many tribulations: “I am skilled in everything and for everything: to satiety and hunger, to abundance and deprivation.” He can do all things in the One who comforts him, Christ Jesus. Every time we talk about Paul’s spiritual testament we are enriched by the testimony of his life. His love for the one who changed his plans, Jesus, is very great. It cannot be expressed in common language. A challenge for our Christian life, a commitment of faith and solidarity. After giving everything for the Gospel he will receive the well-deserved reward, the crown of victory, the martyrdom that will seal his last missionary journey. He will eat and drink from the chalice of blessing. Saint Matthew speaks of a banquet that the king offers on the occasion of the wedding of his son. He is rejected by the rich. At the crossroads he invites passersby to enjoy the party. Many are called, few are chosen. It is important to wear the dress of dignity. With this teaching Jesus wants a presence with freedom. He has repeated a few times that we have to be the light of the world, salt of the earth, transparent, capable of announcing a kingdom of justice and peace. Pope Francis, when commenting on the passage from Saint Matthew, emphasizes the urgency of living with joy every moment of our presence at the banquet: “Being a Christian means having the joy of belonging totally to Christ, ‘the only husband of the Church’, and go to meet Him just as you go to a wedding party. So joy and awareness of the centrality of Christ are the two attitudes that Christians must cultivate in everyday life.” Faced with the only husband, Christ, we must recognize him as the one who is faithful. He is the center of everything. In our time the temptation remains to reject the novelty of the Gospel. Jesus is the husband of the Church, he gives his life for her. However, there are still questions to answer: What is our way of acting when faced with the call of Jesus? Are we prepared to be considered disciples and missionaries? Jesus counts on us at this party. He is united to our life. He shares and connects with every man of good will. In the stories of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, the sense of order and solidarity prevails. The Lord blesses every gesture that identifies us as called to be sent to announce that in the Kingdom of God we all have a space.

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